Guess where we’re going….

One guess and only one guess where we are going this morning…GRANDMA’S!! Get your lap ready Grandma…your little Easter Doggie and his best Bo-Bos are on their way!

Easter Doggie

Bring a smile to someone’s face today!


Easter paw@TheDanteDiaries

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TBT make way for BBT?

TBT: Throw Back Thursday. This is usually the day that SHE decides to post a picture of me from the past…but I decided to make it BBT: Bo-Bo Thursday! I got a special delivery package from my most special friend ever: MTM (Matey The Magnificent). MTM sent me a very special package for Easter and I got to open it early! At first I thought it was food…it was in a Trader Joe’s bag after all…I think MTM just wanted to tease me…but just look what was inside! Surprise Surprise…it’s BBT!

Easter Bo-Bos

Just look at my Happy Face…Lambie Bo-Bo and Seal Pup Bo-Bo…thank you MTM!  You always know what I will love…including the yummy yummy cookies…Yee Haa!  Now I’m going to surprise HER…I’m putting one of my yummy cookies under HER pillow…just in case SHE gets hungry in the middle of the night!

Surprise someone you love today


paw heart2

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Who am I?

Q: I follow you around in the light, I say good bye to you in the night. Who am I?               A: Your Shadow

Long Tall Tail

Don’t we look really really tall?


angel paw

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Howl like you’ve never howled before!

Last night I piled into our Moon Mobile and I followed HER…and watched HER and HER Moon all night…that girl really is a Lunar-tic!  Gotta Love HER!

Full Moon Dog

Full Moon Dog

Let loose and HOWL!


angel paw

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Wordless Monday….



angel paw

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It’s that time of year!

One of my favorite times of year is finally here: Hammock Time!

Hammock Hammock

When the weather is nice and it’s the weekend…you can be sure that SHE can be found catching up on R&R on HER hammock…and I’ll be helping HER too!

happy hammock

This weekend…be sure to spend some quality time with the ones you love!


paw & hand

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SHE’S been holding out on me!

Well Well Well…look what I saw this morning when I snuck into HER office! SHE’S been holding out on me…that little Bo-Bo is from HER trip to Boston. I have to be sure to act surprised when SHE gives him to me today. Surprise Surprise…for me?

Bo-BoWelcome Boston Bo-Bo…you sure are cute!


angel paw

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