Woofs of Wisdom: Wednesday



paw heart2

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Woofs of Wisdom: Tuesday



paw heart2

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Woofs of Wisdom: Monday

I am very thankful every single day that I am part of a wonderful family that loves me and takes such good care of me. I am asking all my friends, far and wide, to express and show your gratitude and thankfulness to those you love, show your gratitude to those around you who may not be feeling too appreciated…let’s all make an extra effort this week…this week of Thanksgiving! Here’s my Monday Woof of Wisdom:



paw heart2

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I’m back and better than ever!

So many of our friends have asked what happened to me two months ago and why I was under “Crate-Arrest” for weeks & weeks…SHE promised that we would talk (and bark) about it when SHE and I  were ready. It was eight weeks ago today…eight weeks ago that I had a stroke. It’s o.k….because I am O.K. now….in fact, I’m back and better than ever thanks to HER, my Grandma and the best Vets ever. Thanks to all the emails, text messages, FB messages and Blog messages from all our wonderful friends that didn’t know what happened but sent me “Get Better” messages…we love you all.

Dante's Boo-Boo

After my hospital stay…SHE took such good care of me and then…

Good news Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.38.29 AM

…the good news from my Vet that I was waiting for…no more crate arrest…no more Mr. Nice & Quiet Little Guy….it’s back to the “Let’s have some fun” Me!

Mr Hot Stuff

Mother Nature celebrated by making sure there was no rain…SHE put the top down…buckled me into my jammin’ carseat and off we went early this morning to get some coffee and a stop at our neighborhood park for a quick stroll.

SHE and Me

Boy does it feel good to be back….watch out Chiquitas: Dante’s Back!


Paw with crown

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Rain Rain and More Rain!

If you spot some sunshine…let us know…I need a beach day soooooo bad!




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Falshback Friday

We love Throwback Thursday so much we decided (SHE decided!) that we would have a Falshback Friday today….and I have to agree, this was a really good Friday. This was the Friday that my Dubai Camel Bo-Bo came to live with me…I can’t even imagine my Bo-Bo family without Dubai Camel.  In case you missed how he became a member of my Bo-Bo family…here’s my Falshback to that Friday:

Happy Friday To Me!

Well Well Well…what do we have here? This looks like it could be a nice fat new Bo-Bo for you know who…now…just to get it out of HER purse…

New Bo-Bo

Success…I finally got that fat new BoBo out of HER purse and now it’s mine mine mine! Where did it come from? All the way from Dubai? How did he get here? What? Big T brought him all way back to Miami just for me? I love you Big T – thank you thank you thank you…how did Big T know that I love fat Bo-Bos so much?

Dubai Bo-Bo

Hey…this Bo-Bo is a Camel…a Dubai Camel…Hey Dubai Camel do you know what day it is? It’s Friday silly Camel…it’s Friday!

It's Friday Camel

Thank you Big T for my big fat Dubai Camel…what a great surprise!  Hey everyone…know what day it is? It’s FRIDAY!


Paw with crown

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Throwback Thursday: November 20, 2011

In true Throwback Thursday fashion, SHE has decided to re-run/repost what I wrote on November 20th, 2011…WOW…three years have passed so quickly! But as you will see, that Flat Boy was hard at work having a good time with HER and Aunt Tere on their vacation to Hawaii…that Flat Boy gets to go to all the fun places…except my Grandma’s Lap! BOL! I hope you enjoy a look back….

Dueling Dantes: Who’s having the best time?

You read right…eat your heart out…while my Flat version is having fun in Hawaii, the real live version of me took a trip of my own…Now read this: I am at Grandma’s!!  HBB  Let the spoiling begin!  Just to make the Flat Dante jealous…check me out on Grandma’s lap…on Grandma’s recliner and then…on Grandma’s sofa…that’s right: I’m up on the furniture and Grandma doesn’t make me get off…SUAB

O.K. real version…top this: Flat Dante went to a luau.  Aunt Tere snuck me in…I hid in her lei.  I went through the Aloha line and SHE got a Mai Tai as the sun started setting.  And then I got to pose with a real Hawaiian girl…top that real boy!  A little shopping and hide and seek with the hula bears (can you find me?) and we were off to the luau and show…I even got to do some Flat posing with the dancers…before heading back to our hotel…HWTMF…I am with HER and Aunt Tere having a blast…my real version is at Grandma’s sitting on the best lap in the wholewide world and getting spoiled beyond belief…NO CONTEST…Dante (the real version and the Flat version) is the luckiest little four legged guy in the whole wide world…HBB


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