Rein-Dog spotted in South Florida…

It may only be an optical allusion…but it sure did look like there was a Rein-Dog traveling with HER yesterday!


Thanks to my Reindeer Bo-Bo for being my pillow and my antlers…bark bark bark!


Paw with crown

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So what does love look like?

My Grandma wasn’t feeling good this weekend and for two days she didn’t come see me…I was really really worried…nothing keeps me and my Grandma apart. SHE said that Grandma just didn’t “feel up to it” and needed to stay in bed for a while. But yesterday after we had the car all packed and ready to go…guess who showed up…MY GRANDMA!  I don’t remember being this happy in a long time…I’m so glad Grandma is feeling better!

 Grandma love  Grandma love

We had such a nice visit and Grandma and I shared lots of hugs and kisses…but when SHE said it was time to get in the car and go…well, I thought SHE meant Grandma’s car!

Grandma love

Grandma and I are going to make up for this short visit…don’t tell anyone this secret but I’m going back to see Grandma and have another pupation…very soon! I can hardly wait! There is NOTHING like Grandma love! See you soon Grandma!


angel paw

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TWT: Two-Word Tuesday

When I’m supervising HER at the office all that computer work can be real exhausting, my two words…Nap Time!

Nap Time

Naps are a good thing…try it…you’ll like it!


angel paw

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I like this new tradition!

HER idea of making this entire month of July our Birthday celebration month was a really cool idea…I think we may make this a tradition! Last week after my morning at the Spa, SHE took me back to HER office…I thought I would be doing some more supervising…boy did I get a surprise! My Tia Letty had birthday presents for me from my Daddy Rocky, my brother Oliver and my beautiful sister Princess…how cool to still celebrate “after” your birthday!

Birthday Birthday

For Me? Yipee!

Birthday Birthday

More? WOW!

Birthday Birthday

Thank you Tia Letty and my four-legged family for the great Birthday presents…I love them…but most of all: I love you!


birthday paw@TheDanteDiaries

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Tails from the road warrior…

Hahaha…get it? Tails? Sorry I just couldn’t resist this morning! Boy oh Boy…did we have an early morning adventure yesterday….we left so early that we got to see the sun come up.  I must admit that I slept most of the way while SHE drove…but when Mr. Sun decided to make an appearance…it woke me up out of my super snug carseat!

Road Warrior Road Warrior

Here comes the sun….

Here Comes the sun here comes the sun here comes the sun here comes the sun

…there was no more napping after Mr. Sun decided that he would shine right smack dab in the middle of my carseat…I was ready for the day ahead!

A bight shining sun means the start of another great day…enjoy your day my friends…here’s barking at ya’…


angel paw

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On the Road Again…

Surprise Surprise…after we went for our walk early early this morning SHE started packing up my bowls, food and Bo-Bos…what’s going on? We’re going back to Grandma’s…together! I love these kind of surprises! I can’t wait for Grandma to see how Super Fluffy I am!


where are we going? where are we going

where are we going where are we going

Are we there yet?


angel paw

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Before and After…

Yesterday SHE surprised me with a day at the Spa…except SHE said it was because I was a dirty boy…you be the judge: I don’t think I looked so dirty. Here’s my Before & After

Before SpaAfter Spa

Hmmmmm…maybe SHE was right!


Spa paw

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