Before and After…

Yesterday SHE surprised me with a day at the Spa…except SHE said it was because I was a dirty boy…you be the judge: I don’t think I looked so dirty. Here’s my Before & After

Before SpaAfter Spa

Hmmmmm…maybe SHE was right!


Spa paw

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It’s been a long time…

WOW…our walk last night was soooo good! I got to do some running…some jumping…some climbing…some networking and…..yes, some Posing! Yee Haa…I thought I might have forgotten how…but it came back to me and the girl snapped away!

First stop: one of my favorite walls to climb and pose on…oh yeah…feeling good!

posing  posing

Then on to HER Water Tower and it’s Mini-Mountain…love it!

Mountain Climbing

After a nice fast run around HER Tower we met up with a friend of mine…Coozy…nice to catch up with an old friend!


I had an absolute blast…when I turned around and looked at HER….well let’s just say SHE looked like SHE had taken a shower…it was really hot! Can’t wait until tonight…SHE promised we would go again…yee haa…I need some more Posing Practice!


Paw with crown

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Rain Rain Go Away….

I was being a little lazy this morning and leisurely waited to eat my breakfast.  By time I finished eating and was ready for my after breakfast “walk”….it was pouring outside. Nothing SHE did could get me to go out in that rain…nothing, not even a bribe of an extra chewie…nothing! So here’s a Little Guy humor on this rainy Wednesday…

Rainy Day Woofs of Wisdom

hahaha…poodles…bark bark bark…



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TWT: Two Word Tuesday

Flying High!

Happy Me

Last night I was running and jumping so fast that SHE had a hard time capturing me with HER camera…looks like I was flying…I was, I was!

Until tomorrow’s take-off…BAYL…

angel paw

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There’s No Place Like Home…

Pup-cation ended yesterday and I was sad to bark good-bye to my Grandma and The Best Lap In The Whole Wide World…I stayed on Grandma’s lap until the very last second…

Grandma's lap

…then we were off…on the Road Again…just HER and Me (and Deer Ridge Bo-Bo)!

on the road again  On the road again

I’m missing my Grandma but I am so happy to be back with HER…Happy Happy Happy

Happy Again

There’s no place like home…


paw & hand

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I knew it…I knew it!

I knew I smelled some new Bo-Bos making their way from Tennessee…I just knew it!

Tennessee Bo-Bos

My new Bo-Bos are Duke (from Bush Beans) and Deer from Deer Ridge Mountain….but the best part was finally seeing HER…I really really missed HER a lot! My new Bo-Bos are a bonus!


angel paw

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On the way….

SHE just called…SHE’S on HER way! I am one very happy little guy…but not as happy as I will be when SHE walks through the door at Grandma’s ….I think I smell Bo-Bos on their way to me!

Happy Boy

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