Throwback Thursday: November 20, 2011

In true Throwback Thursday fashion, SHE has decided to re-run/repost what I wrote on November 20th, 2011…WOW…three years have passed so quickly! But as you will see, that Flat Boy was hard at work having a good time with HER and Aunt Tere on their vacation to Hawaii…that Flat Boy gets to go to all the fun places…except my Grandma’s Lap! BOL! I hope you enjoy a look back….

Dueling Dantes: Who’s having the best time?

You read right…eat your heart out…while my Flat version is having fun in Hawaii, the real live version of me took a trip of my own…Now read this: I am at Grandma’s!!  HBB  Let the spoiling begin!  Just to make the Flat Dante jealous…check me out on Grandma’s lap…on Grandma’s recliner and then…on Grandma’s sofa…that’s right: I’m up on the furniture and Grandma doesn’t make me get off…SUAB

O.K. real version…top this: Flat Dante went to a luau.  Aunt Tere snuck me in…I hid in her lei.  I went through the Aloha line and SHE got a Mai Tai as the sun started setting.  And then I got to pose with a real Hawaiian girl…top that real boy!  A little shopping and hide and seek with the hula bears (can you find me?) and we were off to the luau and show…I even got to do some Flat posing with the dancers…before heading back to our hotel…HWTMF…I am with HER and Aunt Tere having a blast…my real version is at Grandma’s sitting on the best lap in the wholewide world and getting spoiled beyond belief…NO CONTEST…Dante (the real version and the Flat version) is the luckiest little four legged guy in the whole wide world…HBB


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Some two-leggeds think that WWW stands for the World-Wide-Web…around here WWW stands for Wednesday Woofs of Wisdom…Bark on!

What are the simple things that inspire you?


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Thankful Tuesday

Yesterday was officially the last day of my Pupcation…don’t get me wrong, I was am soooo happy that SHE is back but that also means that I have to say good-bye to my Grandma. I sure hope my Grandma knows how much I love her and how much I am going to miss her.

Grandma love  Grandma love

Grandma…just remember: What Happened at Grandma’s Stays at Grandma’s! I love you!


paw heart2

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You better watch out…

WOW…yesterday was a very busy day at our house. Aunt Tere, Uncle Jared and HER started putting up all our Christmas decorations…it was crazy at our house! Someone needed to supervise all that craziness…Supervisor Dante on duty!


All these great Christmas animals are now in our front yard…but I needed to make sure they knew who was the boss around here…bark bark bark!

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.01.28 PM

Are these guys watching me?

Christmas Gator  Christmas Flamingo

Now I don’t see the resemblance…but SHE says this is my Christmas look-alike!

Christmas Dante

I think I deserve an early Christmas treat for all this supervising…don’t you agree?



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Please welcome: Lola from NOLA!

Oh my…what a welcome Grandma and I had in store for HER and Aunt Tere after their trip…I ran up and back from the front door to them at least 20 times…I wanted them to know how much I missed them! After we shared lots of hugs and kisses I gave HER that very special face of mine: What did you bring me?

What did you bring me?

Friends and family, let me introduce you to Lola from NOLA:

Lola from NOLA

Lola from NOLA made herself right at home in my soft comfy bed…

Lola from NOLA

Lola from NOLA is all dressed up and ready to be the Queen of Mardi Gras…but until then, Lola is a very soft member of my family Bo-Bos…welcome Lola from NOLA!


angel paw

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Grandma’s house is warm…hurry back!

Hey Hey Hey Flat Boy…Grandma and I hear that you, Aunt Tere and HER are on your way! What I think is that it was too cold for you and you wanted to head back to Grandma’s house to get warm on Grandma’s lap!

Flat Boy heading home

The best part of this news is SHE’S coming back to me…I can’t wait…I have missed HER like crazy! Make sure you have your seat belt on!


angel paw

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Lucky Dogs!

It was a day of playing tourist for the Flat Boy, Aunt Tere and HER…and when it came time for an afternoon lunch break guess where they stopped…Lucky Dogs! Bark Bark Bark…that Flat Boy just couldn’t resist being one of the Lucky Dogs!

New Orleans Dog

I wonder if the Flat Boy realizes that means he’s on the menu…how much is that Flat Boy on the menu? With or without mustard? Bark Bark Bark!


angel paw

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