These legs were made for walking!

 I finally get the Vet’s o.k. to start going for walks for 15 minutes a day, a chance to strut my ‘hood, a chance to check out the Chiquitas and wouldn’t you know it: It rained and rained and rained and rained…and then when we thought it let up: it rained some more!

rain It's raining@TheDanteDiaries

I love HER so much…SHE didn’t want to disappoint me so we walked but we were the only crazy two-legged and four-legged out in the rain…NO Chiquitas anywhere! And I refused to wear my bright yellow rain gear…au naturale for me! But we did have lots of poodles I mean puddles….bark bark bark!

rain, rain

Mother Nature, if you are listening: Have pity on this good little guy, please stop this rain and let’s have sunshine today! These legs were made for walking!



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Do you know what day it is?

What day is it?

Do you know what day it is? This is a big day for me and HER…the Vet says we can start doing 15 minute walks…yee haa…that means I get out and stretch my muscular little legs…and maybe catch the eyes of the local Chiquitas who haven’t seen me in almost a month! Watch out ladies…Dante’s coming back!


Paw with crown

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Cats are four-leggeds too!

I must admit that most of my friends are canine, like me. I count Marty the Manx ( as one of my bestest bloggie friends and until yesterday, I didn’t even have any cat Bo-Bos….that all changed when SHE brought home a present for me from the Giordano Fur-mily! Check out the newest member of my Bo-Bo family:    Tom-Cat Bo-Bo!

Tom-Cat Bo-Bo

Kitty Cats Luigi, GiGi and Kailani and their doggie brother Lem sent this awesome present to me…I even got a very masculine blankie for my condo: AWESOME!Tom-Cat Bo-Bo Tom-Cat Bo-Bo

Once I helped Tom-Cat Bo-Bo to escape…we became very good friends

Tom-Cat Bo-Bo

Remember my friends…din’t judge a four-legged by their fur! Bark Bark Bark (Meow)!


angel paw

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The Blue Bandage of Courage

Boy oh Boy…SHE almost had me fooled! I was so excited to be able to go for a ride in my carseat on Saturday that I almost didn’t notice that it wasn’t a ride at all. It was a trip to the Vet. Normally, I like seeing my Vet – he’s a nice guy, always gives me a treat and tells HER how handsome I am!

Blue Bandage of Courage

My visit ended up with The Blue Bandage of Courage (as my Vet calls it)…huh…does SHE really think a chewie makes it all better? Yes, but I’m not gonna let HER know…maybe I can get two chewies out of this…it’s all in “The Face”…Bark Bark Bark!


paw heart2

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Lucky Lucky Me!

The past two weeks I have been lucky…I got to travel with HER while SHE went to meetings out of town! That’s right my friends, I got to stay in some very nice hotels and get pampered while SHE spent the day working…fun for me, not so much for HER. But here’s the best perk of all: one of my very favorite friends in the whole wide world, MTM, was also at the hotel and came to visit me…as you can see: I am one very lucky Little Guy!

Best Friends Best Friends

Oh MTM…this was such a BIG surprise and such a treat for me!

Best Friends Best Friends

Hugs…Kisses…and Belly Rubs…Life is good, really really good! Enjoy all the special moments of each and every day!


angel paw

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Saturdays are meant for napping…

WOW…the pillows on HER Big Comfy Bed sure are perfect for an early morning nap!

Saturday morning nap

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend friends!


angel paw

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TGIF….our way!

Mini-Me and I have a new meaning for TGIF: Thank Goodness It’s Furrari!


It’s Friday…run, romp, play and put the top down!


Paw with crown

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