TBT: Throw Back Thursday

F is for FAMILY on this TBT…my Four-Legged Family!


My Daddy Dog Rocky, my beautiful sister Princess, my big brother Oliver and ME! This is from one of our Family Reunions! Bark Bark Bark…


paw heart2

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I’m not spoiled…I’m loved!

Yesterday was one of those great days…one of those days that surprises you. When SHE left for work yesterday morning I got my usual big hug and kiss and “see you later little guy”…so I thought it was going to be a regular kind of day…oh no! A little while later I hear the front door open and it wasn’t HER…it was Grandma! My Grandma came over and we went to her house for the day…surprise surprise! When SHE was finished at HER work SHE came over to pick me up from Grandma’s…where I was sitting on Grandma’s waiting!

 Me and Grandma Me and Grandma

After a great big hug and I’ll see you tomorrow, Grandma revealed to HER that she had forgotten my food at our house and she felt sorry for me so guess what? Grandma cooked me dinner…yep, Grandma cooked me a homemade dinner…yee haa…pure heaven! But do you know what SHE said when Grandma told HER this? SHE actually said: Spoiled Dog!  Nope…I’m not spoiled…I’m loved! My Grandma really loves me! Grandma Rules!


Paw with crown

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All’s Quiet in Bo-Bo Land!

Easter with my two-legged family was the best ever but unfortunately there was one casualty: Bunny Bo-Bo…one of my oldest and most favorite Bo-Bos. Poor Bunny Bo-Bo…someone (who same remain un-named) decided that his squeaker had become annoying and Bunny Bo-Bo need a squeakerectomy.


Poor Bunny Bo-Bo…He is going to need some body sculpting surgery!

Bunny Bo-Bo  Bunny Bo-Bo

Send your Get Well Wishes to the Quiet Bunny Bo-Bo (bark bark bark)!!!


Easter paw@TheDanteDiaries

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How do you spell Happiness?

This is how I spell Happiness: L-A-P….yep, Lap Time spelled Happiness for this Little Guy on Easter. I got lots of Lap Time with my Grandma…

Lap Time

.and my Aunt Tere too!

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 8.02.08 AM

It was a good day…a really good day for Lap Time!


Easter paw@TheDanteDiaries

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Hey Easter Bunny!

Easter at Grandma's

Make sure the Easter Bunny Knows where to find you today!


Easter paw@TheDanteDiaries

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The things I do for love…

I love going to visit my Grandma…but when SHE decides to give me a “Home” Spa treatment…well, it’s not that much fun.  But the after me…the Super Fluffy Me is worth it.  I hope Grandma appreciates what I go through for love!

The Wet Head   Fluffy Guy

The Wet Head Look……………The Super Fluffy Me

Looking good for the ones you love is always worth it…take the time to shine!


angel paw

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Guess where we’re going….

One guess and only one guess where we are going this morning…GRANDMA’S!! Get your lap ready Grandma…your little Easter Doggie and his best Bo-Bos are on their way!

Easter Doggie

Bring a smile to someone’s face today!


Easter paw@TheDanteDiaries

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