Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is my Grandma’s Birthday…Happy Birthday Grandma…I Love You!

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 12.00.35 AM

Me and my Grandma…Best Friends Forever!

Me and my Grandma Grandma

Bye-Bye Grandma Bye-Bye Grandma

me and my Grandma Grandma

Grandma's lap Grandma's Lap@TheDanteDiaries

Grandma Dante & Grandma

I love that you're my Grandma TGIF

Happy Birthday to MY Grandma!


Birthday Paw

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Saturday Woofs of Wisdom

Saturday Wisdom

And if it’s raining where you are…just put on a raincoat and grab your umbrella…it’s still Saturday my friends!


angel paw


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In between the rain drops…

In between the rain yesterday SHE took me for a much needed strut around my ‘hood…and when I saw my favorite tree for climbing…well I think you know what that meant…yee haa…thank you Mother Nature for a few minutes without rain! Tree climber

Hahaha…don’t freak out my friends…that branch I’m on is only about two feet off the ground…that’s why it’s my favorite tree…I can jump up in one easy jump! All that exercising has really paid off…jumping up was a breeze!

Have fun my friends…it’s finally Friday!


Paw with crown

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TBT: I remember Dog Beach

I love Throw Back Thursdays…it’s fun to look back and remember good times…it’s fun to remember when I first came to live with HER…today it’s fun to remember the first time SHE took me to Dog Beach. I was afraid of the water so I decided I would just protect the Beach for all my four-legged friends! bark Bark Bark!


Have a Terrific Throw Back Thursday friends…BAYL…

angel paw

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There’s a lot of competition out there!

I am so proud of HER…SHE’S making so pretty significant changes in HER life and I am one of the beneficiaries. SHE is eating smarter…none of those tempting things SHE shouldn’t be eating (me either) AND SHE’S walking like crazy…yay for me for sure…I am toning up my muscular little legs and that will definitely help me catch the eyes of the neighborhood Chiquitas (if you know what I mean). There’s a lot of competition out there and a Little Guy’s gotta do those extras to catch the eyes of ladies in the ‘hood! Checkout out my exercise regime SHE has me on…


 The girl is really putting me through the paces…can you see my muscles?


Paw with crown

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Bed…Bath…and Beyond!

You all may think I am BIG Gator fan…you haven’t seen anything until you see my Aunt Tere’s house…she is the Ultimate Gator fan! See if you can find me….

Gator Bed  Gator Bath

I warned you…Bed, Bath and Beyond….bark bark bark! Hahahaha!


Gator Paw

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It’s just a Bo-Bo Grandma….

That new Bo-Bo of mine is really big and really scary and I had to show my Grandma that he is nice and friendly….

Taking care of Grandma Taking care of Grandma

See Grandma: I kissed him and he didn’t bite back…he’s just a Bo-Bo! Don’t worry Grandma…I’ll always protect you!


angel paw

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