Day 8: The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas

On the eighth day of The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas my true love gave to me…a Santa Hat to make me look like a little Santa Paws.  What do you think? Is it a keeper?

Santa Paws

SHE says I’m too cute for words…now what does SHE mean by that?



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Throw Back Thursday: My First Christmas with Grandma

I had just come to live with HER right before Christmas so I wasn’t sure how this family Christmas thing worked…but as soon as I got to Grandma’s house I was in love…my Grandma was even more special than SHE had told me…and SHE didn’t tell me that my Grandma had the Best Lap in the Whole Wide World…all my Christmas dreams had come true…they were my family and I was their Little Guy…and Grandma’s lap was all mine!!

Grandma's lap Grandma's lap

I can’t wait to see you next week Grandma…get your lap ready for your Little Guy!  I’ve been very very good this year…that’s a hint for lots of treats!



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Day 7: The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas

On the seventh day of The Twelve Dogs Day of Christmas our challenge was a photograph of us with Christmas bows…surprise it’s me…a Little Guy gift…do you like it? SHE said I’m just what SHE wanted!

all wrapped up for Christmas

Boy is it nice to be the perfect gift!



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Happy Hanukkah

Tonight at sundown begins Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights…To all my Jewish friends around the world…Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah


Hanukkah Paw

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Thankful Tuesday

With each year that passes I learn more and more what the true meaning of Christmas is…when I was a young pup it was all about the Bo-Bos and cool presents that I got to open…but now that I’m a grown-up Little Guy I realize what I love the most about Christmas,,,here’s just one of them: My Grandma!

Grandma: The Look of Love

My Grandma has taught me so many things over the years but what I really learned was the meaning of family…I love you Grandma…I’ll be home for Christmas…get your lap  ready for your number one fan!



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Day Six: The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas

On the 6th Day of the Twelve Dog Days of Christmas we are supposed to photograph us in the snow…that’s doesn’t work for this Miami Little Guy so we did the next best thing to snow…sand at the beach!

6th day of Christmas

Happy 6th Day of Christmas Friends…



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King of the Hammock…

I Love Sunday Morning at Our House! Especially when I take a look at HER “To Do List” and  find out that SHE’S gonna spend the whole day at home with Little Ol’ ME! #1 on HER List is chillaxing and spending time in HER hammock…SHE really chills in that hammock! Truth be told…I hear HER snoring sometimes too!


When SHE is getting something to drink or a snack, I make sure no one else gets on HER hammock…I must protect it for HER!


The best part of HER hammock is when we share it together…a Little Guy needs some chillaxing time too!

Hammock Time

And checkout the great cookies I get as a snack…it’s great to be King of the Hammock!

King of the Hammock

Do you have a favorite place to spend time with that special someone? As you can tell, one of mine is HER hammock!



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