Sun’s Out…Tongues Out

Pups just wanna have sun. Unleash your inner beach bum! It’s Spring Bark!

Hit the beach for some maxin’, relaxin’, and gettin’ some vitamin D(og)!!!

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I Dog-paddle….don’t you?

While on Spring Bark, what better time to start getting buff for Summer! A few good laps every day doing the dog-paddle will build-up my leg muscles and chisel my abs….bark bark bark! Watch out Chiquitas…a totally Buff & Fluff guy in the making!

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It’s Spring Bark!

It’s Spring Bark! Pups just wanna have sun…bark bark bark! Watch out Crocodile Dundee…you got nothing on this Little Guy!

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I’m on Spring Bark!

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Selfie Sunday

Put on your best Face, stare into the phone nand then click!

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Pet Me…I’m Irish…today anyway!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – I have my very own Leprechaun!

Now give me that pot o’ gold…

I need to buy HER some new Bo-Bos…

Top o’ the morning to you all…that’s Irish-speak for BAYL…

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Only four more days until Spring and Strutting Weather…so a Little Guy like me has to get in shape…so as SHE says: Put some spring in my step! A breeze was blowing my Fluff and I could feel the eyes of a few little Chiquitas watching me…so I put some spring and style in my workout! Watch out Spring…I lean little guy is heading your way!

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