A delicious Conspiracy!

On our walk last night, a very smart squirrel was on the lookout, giving the OK nod to a very big and fast bird.

That bird hit that bird feeder at full speed and it starting swinging like crazy…and it started emptying all over the ground.

What a delicious conspiracy! Well-done squirrel and bird…well-done!

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St. Paddy’s Woofs of Wisdom

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Beware of Dog

Where oh where is that dog that we are supposed to beware of?

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Two days in a row…what are the chances?

Two days in a row I was a Good boy and didn’t pull all the pillows off the sofa and the beds AND SHE got home early. Do you know what that means? SHE took me me Strutting around the ‘hood and I got to climb one of my favorite trees! Yes…I climbed a tree. Sure the branches
are about 6 inches from the ground, but still I climbed from one branch to another…can you see my Happy Face?

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Promises Kept

Yesterday morning, as SHE was leaving for work, SHE promised me when SHE came back home that we would go visit a mountain and see a castle…if I was a Good Boy while SHE was at work (that meant not taking all the pillows off the couch and beds). SHE kept HER promise! We went for the bestest walk…I got to climb a mini-mountain and see our neighborhood castle…being a Good Boy has great rewards! Now let’s see if I can do it two days in a row…miracles do happen!

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National Good Samaritan Day

On this National Good Samaritan Day…All God’s Creatures, big and small, say THANK YOU to all those humans who have helped, rescued and saved God’s creatures, big and small.

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Bone Appetite!

Chef Dante at your service….I love a day I can sink my teeth into…Bone Appetite! Bark Bark Bark!

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