It’s Saturday morning at Grandma’s and while Grandma is still “resting her eyes” (code words for sleeping)…me and a few of my favorite friends are catching some extra cuteness sleep all snug in my bed…I wanna be extra cute when SHE gets here!

Catch some extra cuteness zzzz’s this weekend my friends…BAYL

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I know a secret!

Guess who’s coming to Grandma’s…I’m already at Grandma’s so it has to be…..HER!

I overheard HER talking to Grandma on the phone and SHE’S coming to Grandma’s on Saturday! SHE’S coming to give me lots of hugs and kisses before SHE leaves on another trip….but when SHE gets back we’re going back home together!  Grandma and I are ready to see HER…we have really missed HER!

…is it Saturday yet?


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My Grandma is just about the most wonderful two-legged on the entire earth…with the exception of HER…my Grandma loves me more than any two-legged.  I heard my Grandma talking to HER last night on the phone and Grandma told HER that I was pretty close to perfect…that I was behaving the best that I had ever behaved!  Last night Grandma let me listen on the phone with HER…that’s right, SHE talked to me on Grandma’s phone.  I couldn’t see HER but I could hear HER talking to me and SHE said SHE was very proud of me for being a good boy and behaving for Grandma…SHE said I was four-legged hero.  Not real sure what SHE meant but I could tell that I have made HER very happy.  I’m HER hero…SHE called me Super Fluff…that’s me, Super Fluff to the rescue Grandma!

Super Fluff…that’s me!


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One Word Wednesday


…then watch what happens…SMILES are contagious!

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Tuesday with Grandma

Just in case there was any doubt…this is how I spend most of my waking hours…when I’m not eating, sleeping or playing with my Bo-Bos…I am sitting on THE best lap in the whole wide world…that’s right, I am the official “Grandma’s Lap Sitter”

Isn’t it great how I am the perfect fit for my Grandma’s lap? bark bark bark

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Monday Monday

Now get out there and share your Magnificence…bark bark bark!

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Hey Grandma…I’ve been a Good Boy!

You know what that means….take me for a ride on your walker!

I love you Grandma…Bark Bark Bark!

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