Flashback Friday


We love Throwback Thursday so much we decided (SHE decided!) that we would have a Falshback Friday today….and I have to agree, this was a really good Friday. This was the Friday that my Dubai Camel Bo-Bo came to live with me…I can’t even imagine my Bo-Bo family without Dubai Camel.  In case you missed how he became a member of my Bo-Bo family…here’s my Falshback to that Friday:

Happy Friday To Me!

Well Well Well…what do we have here? This looks like it could be a nice fat new Bo-Bo for you know who…now…just to get it out of HER purse…

New Bo-Bo

Success…I finally got that fat new BoBo out of HER purse and now it’s mine mine mine! Where did it come from? All the way from Dubai? How did he get here? What? Big T brought him all way back to Miami just for me? I love you Big T – thank you thank you thank you…how did Big T know that I love fat Bo-Bos so much?

Dubai Bo-Bo

Hey…this Bo-Bo is a Camel…a Dubai Camel…Hey Dubai Camel do you know what day it is? It’s Friday silly Camel…it’s Friday!

It's Friday Camel

Thank you Big T for my big fat Dubai Camel…what a great surprise!  Hey everyone…know what day it is? It’s FRIDAY!


Paw with crown

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Throw Back Thursday…the very first time

This is a way way back throw back…this is my very first trip in my very first carseat to meet my Grandma for the very first time…

Very First Time

…and as the humans like to say: The rest is history! Bark Bark Bark! I am so lucky that SHE loves to take so many photos….all the time. Memories are wonderful.


paw heart2

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Outta the Way…it’s Hump Day!

Hump Day

If it’s Hump Day…the weekend can’t be far away…yee haa…more time with HER is on it’s way! Who are you looking to spend more time with?



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Tongue Twister Tuesday!

Here’s some Tuesday Tongue Twisters to get you started:

Ingenious iguanas improvising an intricate impromptu on impossibly-impractical instruments.

Three thin thinkers thinking thick thoughtful thoughts.

She sells sea shells by the seashore.

And this is how I get ready for tongue twisters on Tuesdays:

Tongue Twister

Have a Terrific Tongue Twisting Tuesday!


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Is it really Monday…already?

This is my “Is it really Monday” Face…

Monday Face

What does your “Is it really Monday” Face look like?



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Sunday…Glorious Sunday!

Sunday with those you love

You can see who I plan to spend the day with…


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It’s the Weekend…


Put on your happiest face and have a great weekend my friends!



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