Just let me run and jump in all the puddles…

This is my “Why bother” Face…my big fluffy tail is gonna get soooo wet

rain gear@TheDanteDiaries

Just let me run and jump in all the puddles…

rain, rain

…That’s half the fun of a rainy day walk!

Stay dry my friends…BAYL…


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Boy was SHE surprised!

Yesterday was rainy and gloomy outside but inside our house it was a happy day…SHE stayed home with me all day…we did nothing but spend time with each other…we played throw-the-Bo-Bo…we napped…I got brushed…we napped…I got hugged and kissed…we napped…we snacked…we napped…I think you get the picture: It was a GREAT day! And to make sure HER big & comfy was just right, I invited lots of my fav Bo-Bos to nap with us:

Bed & Bo-Bos

Boy was SHE surprised…it took me forever to get all my favs just where I wanted them

bed & Dante

and when I snuggled up on HER big & comfy bed SHE couldn’t find me…SHE said I looked like one of my Bo-Bos! Silly girl…I was the one still in my pajamas! Don’t you just love lazy rainy days? When can we do this again?


Love Paw

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Struttin’ the Fluff

After a day at the Spa, it always feels good to strut my Fluff…and put HER through the paces (bark, bark, bark)!

Struttin' my Fluff

Have a Funday Sunday my friends…and strut your stuff proudly!


angel paw

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Can you believe it?

As you all know, yesterday was my Spa day and I was so excited…getting pampered, super fluffed and bright white…but wit until I tell you what happened: SHE got me all ready to go, on with my harness, on with my leash and…there I sat as SHE closed the door and left. Yep, SHE left me sitting there in the house, all ready to go and no where to go!


20 minutes later SHE came back to get me…can you believe it? SHE was half-way to my Spa and realized I wasn’t in the car…that crazy girl of mine…boy did SHE feel guilty!

Dirty Boy…Before my Spa day:

dirty boy Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 6.19.09 AM

What do you think…was a day at my Spa worth it? Super-White…Super-Fluffed and SHE says I smell delicious!


I can’t wait to do some strut tin’ in my ‘hood and check out the Chiquitas!


Paw with crown

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Grade-A Chiquita magnet material…SOON!

Three guesses where I am going this morning…HINT#1:

dog spa

HINT #2:


If you haven’t guessed it yet here’s HINT #3:

Dog Spa

Oh yeah…it’s SPA DAY! This little guy needs some Mega-Pampering and some Super-Fluffing…when you see me next I will be bright white, super-fluffed and prime, Grade-A Chiquita magnet material…bark bark bark!

BAYL my friends,

Spa paw

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Thursday Woofs of Wisdom

This morning’s walk with HER has inspired today’s Woof of Wisdom…Enjoy my friends!

wisdom - experienceBAYL…

paw heart2

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my own personal taste test….


We all know that SHE loves Starbucks…anytime, day or night, the girl loves HER Starbucks…so of course, whatever SHE loves, I must love too, right? I love going through the drive-through with HER and getting a puppuccino or even a little whipped cream in a to-go cup…but I have a new Starbucks love now…courtesy of my friend Roxie (and her Mom & Dad)…

Roxie Starbucks

That’s my friend Roxie…and can you pick out which Starbucks Starbarks cup is my new Bo-Bo gift?


I had to give it my own personal taste test….


The results are in: De-Lish!  Thank you Roxie for my great new and delicious Bo-Bo!


angel paw


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