TGIF…not what you think!

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Happy Birthday Grandma!

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On the Road Again…

Yep…we are heading back on the road again this morning…SHE was up extremely early (way too early) this morning and packing some of my Bo-Bos and my Big Boy leashes…that could only mean one thing: WE’RE GOING TO GRANDMA’S!!

Yee Haa…I can hardly wait…THE Best Lap in the Whole Wide World…being spoiled beyond belief…watching TV together…napping together…being spoiled beyond belief (oh yes, I did mention that before!)…are we there yet?

If you need to reach me call: 1-800-Grandma


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Have you ever had one of those days?

When you fall asleep sitting up….

Good thing I wasn’t the one driving! Bark Bark!

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Favorite Places

Most of the time you hear me talking about the best lap in the whole wide world… My grandma’s. Most two-legged would assume that that is my favorite place ever… And they would be just about right, except for my all-time favorite place: with HER!

Where’s your favorite place??

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Where did you put my slippers?

SHE got tired of me playing hide and seek with HER bunny slippers…(I thought it was so much fun)…so SHE bought me my very own Dante-sized bunny slippers that I can play with anytime I want! The only problem is I don’t get to hear her say “Dante, where did you put my slippers?”…that was half the fun… The other half was watching her try to find them…Bark bark bark! #BunnySlippers

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VET…not what you think!

Most two-leggeds think that VET means Veterinarian…but I am here to tell you it doesn’t…and here’s the down and dirty on the real meaning of VET…take a look at these photos and you will understand why VET stands for:

VERY EMBARRASSING TREATMENT         I wasn’t even introduced to that guy before he was all up in my…well, you can see! And then they gave me shots and took my blood…why did they want my blood and what were they going to do with it?

It was almost worth the VERY EMBARRASSING TREATMENT…she and I went to Starbucks…HER favorite place and mine too…I almost forgot about the VERY EMBARRASSING TREATMENT as I enjoyed my scrumptious Puppuccino…YUM!

As you can see, it was sooo good that I almost, I say, almost, forgot about the  VERY EMBARRASSING TREATMENT I received. Now someone please explain to me what SHE did or had done to HER that SHE deserved a Starbucks treat?

Bark on My Friends!

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