Santa Patrol Reporting for Duty!

Two weeks from today is Christmas…Me and My Santa Bo-Bos are reporting for Duty…wherever we see someone not smiling, it’s our duty to bring a smile to their face!

Santa Patrol

Did we bring a SMILE to your face today?



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Yesterday was Spa day and when SHE picked me up all I heard was how fluffy I was, how good I smelled and how cute I was. I guess that all went to my head and I was feeling a little full of myself when I jumped up to the table this morning and tried some of that coffee SHE’S always drinking…it was YUMMY and now I understand why SHE likes it so much…but I got caught licking my lips…WHAT WAS I THINKING?


I completely forgot about the Naughty or Nice List…WHAT WAS I THINKING?


Rats…another mark in the Naughty Column…WHAT WAS I THINKING?

BAYL from the Time-Out Area…


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Trouble with a capital “T”

I knew those Pesky Elves were trouble…

Bad Elves

Bad Elves…Bad Edward and Erin…Do they get a mark on the Naughty List?

Let me go on the record: They are Trouble with a capital “T” 



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Throw Back Thursday: My First Christmas With My Grandma

First Christmas

Christmas way back then…I got to meet my Grandma for the first time…from that very first hug and our matching Snuggies…I knew my Grandma was THE BEST present ever…I am the luckiest Little Guy ever….I love you Grandma!

What’s your favorite Throw Back Thursday Memory of Christmas?

BAYL my Friends…


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Is it Christmas yet?

Dubai Camel

At least I know we are half-way to the weekend….yeahhhhhh!



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So this is how I get paid back….

I agreed to be nice to those pesky Elves that SHE let live in our house this year…I’m not happy with it, but to make HER happy…I even let them go for a spin in my Santa Mobile…just to make HER happy (as you can see, I’m not happy at all).

Pesky Elves

And how was I repaid for my kindness? Edward (yes, that’s his name) decided my Bo-Bos were free-game for his after hours shenanigans…look at that smile on his face…


I just couldn’t believe the nerve…after my kindness that Edward would be so brazen and smile about it too…so I took him for another ride in my Santa Mobile…but this time I read him MY Riot Act (you remember what that is…SHE reads it to me all the time): Bo-Bos are OFF LIMITS...stay on your shelf!


And then SHE read me the Riot Act about being Kind and Nice….I just can’t win!

Naughty and Nice

Where’s the Naughty or Nice List for those Pesky Elves? BAYL my friends…


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Test driving the Santa Mobile…

Just Little Ol’ Me taking all my Santa Bo-Bos and Rudolph for a spin (while SHE was busy decorating)…we’re changing the name of my Furrari to the Santa-Mobile!

Santa Mobile

Have a Happy Monday my Friends…BAYL…


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