What day is it…huh huh huh?

What day is it?

Come on guys…You know it’s Hump Day…right right right?


angel paw

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Me and My Shadow

Does this shadow make my head look HUGE?

That’s what happens when you’re sneaking in some “sun” time….

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On the road again…back home!

Bye-Bye Grandma…We love you…please take care of yourself or Dr. Dante will have to come back and make a house visit!

Taking care of Grandma for two weeks has been exhausting…


Now this is what I call traveling in style…Home Sweet Home & my very own Fur-cedes!

There’s No Place Like Home and My Very Own Bed!

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My prescription of love worked!

I have spent the last two weeks helping Grandma to feel better…and Dr. Dante feels great that his prescription of love worked….Grandma and I spent our last day together with time outside in the sunshine (and my reward was a ride on Grandma’s walker!)

See you again for Easter Grandma…now take care of yourself!

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Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

SHE never gets tired of laughing at this picture…so let’s humor HER today…SHE’S had a tough week!

Dante - TGIF

Don’t laugh…work is exhausting and so is taking care of my Grandma!


angel paw

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Throw Back Thursday: Big Mama Gate

Whoa baby…that’s one big gate!

Whoa baby…this is one big baby gate SHE put up tonight.  But check out my action shot…I’m practicing now…and soon I’ll be able to jump over this big mama of a gate…I’m up to the challenge…I may be small but my legs have springs in them and I can jump.  I already tried gnawing my way out…SHE got smarter over the weekend…this gate looks like plastic but it’s really coated wire…rats!  I’m gonna have to go on a training regime to make my way over the top…stay tuned for updates!!

I love Throw Back Thursday!

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One Word Wednesday

Can you guess what my word is for today? Here’s a hint:

One Word Wednesday: Love One Word Wednesday: Love

It’s: LOVE! I love my Grandma and she loves me: LOVE!

Now get out there and show your special someone how much you LOVE them!


paw heart2

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