No one has to tell me twice!

Lordy Lordy what possessed HER yesterday? Every time I tried to get HER attention, SHE told me I was in HER way. The girl was a cleaning machine yesterday…and please explain to me how SHE does it while drinking coffee? SHE even told me to go to HER room and stay on HER big comfy bed…no one has to tell me twice! Usually I hear “Get off my bed”! So I followed HER example and decided to clean-up some of my favorite Bo-Bos that I had scattered all over the HER bedroom…it took me all afternoon…but when SHE took a break for lunch, I had a BIG surprise in store for HER…a BIG Surprise!

All this cleaning meant up and down and up and down from the floor to HER big comfy bed…my little legs sure got a workout…a big bonus whenSHE takes me strutting later on this week…the Chiquitas like a guy with muscular legs…hehehehe!

I am a Lean, not so Mean, Cleaning Machine…BAYL…


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Any bets on how long it will take?

I am just sitting here in my Furrari staring at HER and giving HER my best “Take me for a ride in your car with the top down”  FaceI practiced for hours and I’m willing to sit here and stare at HER for even more hours until SHE grabs HER keys and takes me for a ride. Any bets on how long it will take?

BAYL from my Furrari…

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Saturday means Spa Day!

This is how it feels for me:

This is how it looks to HER:


Feel the day my friends!

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I’m so happy I could howl…

All together now: HOWL!!


angel paw

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Throw Back Thursday: My View from Twelve…that’s inches!

Here is a look back at my very first blog appearance: January 1, 2011 – 2,485 blog posts ago:

I am Dante Alighieri.  I am three years old and I am a Malti-Poo.  I weigh in at just a smidge over five pounds.  And from the tip of my paws to the top of the fluffy white fur on my head, I am twelve inches tall.

I live with my human Doggie-Momma, in fabulous & warm Coral Gables, Florida. This blog will be typed by her but it will be my observations and opinions on our life (mostly hers)…the good, the bad, the ugly….the happy, the sad…the highs and the lows.  I am her constant companion and no one, I mean no one, two-legged or four-legged, knows her better than me.  No one has heard her laugh so much or cry so hard…no one but me listens to her prayers at night or her affirmations in the morning.

This is our life…from my point of view…from twelve inches.  She may only be five foot five, but she’s a giant to me!  I may only be a dog…but I am her best friend and confidante.  Welcome to our life!  I am Dante Alighieri…The Travelin’ Boy.  Later!


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Change someone’s day!

When SHE came home last night SHE picked me up and gave me a great big hug…SHE always makes me feel special when SHE comes home but last night was different. SHE had just gotten off the phone with my Grandma and Grandma told HER that she missed me so much and asked HER to give me a great big hug from Grandma…so that’s what SHE did and boy oh boy oh boy did that feel GREAT! Grandma it felt great!

Have you given that someone special in your life a hug today?  You may not even realize it, but sometimes  just a hug is exactly what they need to change their day…to make them feel better…to bring a smile to their face. Just do it!


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Real Guys Do Wear Pink!

Pink isn’t just for girls anymore…I’m wearing Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…Real Guys do wear Pink!

pink pink

Real Guys also have Pink Bo-Bos!

pink pink

Pink Rocks…Pink Rules!


pink paw

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