Saturday Wisdom


angel paw

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Enjoy your Friday…the weekend is almost here! BAYL…


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Go Royals!

Today: Astros @ Royals

SHE’S in Kansas City and the hometown Royals are hosting the playoff game against the Astros…Kansas City will be even crazier tonight! To show my support of the boys in blue:

Go Royals

Go Royals…BAYL…


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Have Condo Will Travel…

My bag was packed and my Condo was ready to travel…I’m going to my doggie Family Reunion…Daddy, Oliver & Princess…Tia Letty & Tio Jerry, your four-legged nephew is ready for some extra loving’. Yep, last night SHE gave me extra hugs and kisses and then SHE took me to my Family Reunion…I’m gonna miss HER but I’m also gonna have a fun-time with my doggie family!!


Don’t tell HER …but while SHE wasn’t looking’ I snuck some extra Bo-Bos in my traveling bag…to share, of course!


I hope Tia Letty lets me use her laptop so I can share some of my Family Reunion photos!


angel paw

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Two Word Tuesday: The Pink

We named her The Pink…My friend Big T gave her to me last year and she is one of my favs…especially this morning after our long walk…so my Two Words for Tuesday are:  THE PINK




So what are your Two Words for Tuesday?


pink paw

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The Big Bang…

Oh no…who could have done this? Someone ran the stop sign and ran into one of my favorite posing walls and B-A-N-G…look what they did to one of my favorite spots…

Big Bang Big Bang

Big Bang

I remember the last time I posed here….

Early morning pose

They have started fixing it…I can’t wait until it’s back to it’s original posing quality again…BAYL…


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No more dirty boy….

Yesterday was SPA day…and I don’t mean our sink at home…this time the real SPA…and I even got a haircut…so what do you think of my Before and After?

Dirty BoyClean Boy

I wanted to give you a full-body shot of my haircut but guess who photo bombed me!

photo bomb

Just gotta love HER…BAYL…

Love Paw

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