The Secret of Life….

Thanks to my idol, Snoopy, for these great words of advice

Keep Looking up

Check it out…even SHE looks up…

Look up

Keep looking up my friends….BAYL

angel paw

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Thursday Woofs of Wisdom

wisdom - experience

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He Quakes Me Up…

I am getting used to a member of my Bo-Bo family accompanying us on our nightly walks…let me introduce you to Ducky Bo-Bo. Ducky is very special…when I squeeze his belly, he quacks…and when I say quacks, I mean a lot of quacks…quack quack quack quack…thank goodness he’s cute!


…and he loves to pose with me…yes, we both have flowers in our hair…errrrr feathers

Ducky Ducky

Yep…that Ducky watched every step I took….

Ducky  Ducky

He even snuck in a selfie….


Oh Ducky…you quack me up…bark bark bark!


angel paw

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All the way from Vancouver!

I didn’t want to say anything but when SHE got back from HER trip last week I didn’t get a present. I knew SHE was really really busy and probably didn’t have time to think about me so I made sure not to give HER my “What did you bring me” Face…I didn’t want to make HER feel guilty. But GUESS WHAT…today SHE was cleaning out HER tote bag and SHE didn’t forget me after all…SHE just forgot where SHE put my present! Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls and all my four legged buddies….let me introduce to you the newest member of my Bo-Bo family…all the way from Vancouver: Canuck Bo-Bo!


He has his very own Hockey jersey and those antlers of his make it really easy for me to drag him around the house!


SHE didn’t forget me…all’s right in my world! He’s really cute isn’t he?


angel paw

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Oui Oui…not Pee Pee!

Permettez-moi de vous présenter mes petits (let me introduce you to my little friends) Alice and Pierre Bo-Bo

Paris Bo-Bos

 Paris Bo-Bos

When SHE explained to me that SHE would be going on a vacation to celebrate Aunt Tere’s Birthday I thought SHE was going right away…thanks goodness it’s not for two more months! I have a couple of my special Bo-Bos that will help HER get in the mood to start practicing HER French!

oui oui!

Oui Oui my friends…not pee pee! Bark Bark Bark!

oui oui

The next couple of months Alice, Pierre and I are gonna help HER to get ready for HER trip…maybe I can smuggle myself into HER luggage…I hear there are some gorgeous French Poodles over there! Bark Bark Bark!


French Paw

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The 3 R’s of Sunday

3 R's of Sunday

See you on the other side of Sunday!


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Some even wear red shorts!

FrogIt’s Spring and with Spring comes all kind of lovely things: warmer weather, longer days, lots of flowers and…frogs!

This little guy welcomed HER when SHE got home yesterday and you should have heard HER squeals and seen that dance…who knew something so small could get such a BIG reaction!

In honor of HER Frog Dance “we” decided to take one of my Bo-Bo family members on our walk last night…I was hoping that SHE would see that some frogs are very friendly and can make you laugh…let me introduce you to Ribbit Bo-B0…he’s a tree frog…BOL:

Ribbit Bo-Bo

I decided to show HER how much fun frogs can be…

Ribbit Bo-Bo Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 5.57.41 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 5.57.50 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 5.58.23 AM

See…frogs can really be friendly and make you smile…and some even wear red shorts!

Did Ribbit Bo-Bo make you smile?


angel paw

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