TBT: Throw Back Thursday


October 6, 2009…a couple of weeks after I came to live with HER (yes, I am adopted), I made my very first Office Visit and what made that first visit even MORE special was that my beautiful sister Princess also came to visit…oh by the way…that’s HER in the center…BOL!

Dante and Princess

I just love Throw Back Thursday…I love looking back at old photos don’t you?


paw & hand

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Do you know what day it is…huh huh huh?

Hump Day

I don’t have a clue but SHE always loves to ask me what day it is every Wednesday…go figure! Bark Bark Bark! Have a great day…whatever day it is!



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Definition of the Day: Supervise

Supervise: observe and direct the work of someone


I just love watching HER work…this supervising thing is pretty great isn’t it?



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See you soon!

What a lucky lucky little guy I am…I have such a great two-legged family. I get to go on lots of Pupcations when my most favorite human in the world goes on trips…and Pupcations mean I get to spend time on THE Best Lap in the Whole Wide World: My Grandma’s! But when it comes time to leave it’s so hard…I’m happy to go home with HER but sad to leave my Grandma. But my Grandma always whispers in my ear: See you soon! And then I’m very Happy! Aren’t Grandma’s the bestest thing ever?


See you Grandma…I love you!


Love Paw

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Happiness is…

SHE and Aunt Tere finally got home last night and I was soooooo happy to see them…I had a great time with my Grandma but I was so happy to have them back! I think SHE really missed me too…I got to sleep really really close to HER and SHE hugged me until I fell asleep…Happiness is being hugged to sleep!

Happiness is...

Happiness is

What is Happiness to you? I bet it is something different for each and every one of us!



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It’s Saturday!

Saturday Coffee

This photo goes out to HER this morning as SHE drinks HER Saturday morning coffee and gets ready to come back to get me! Yee Haa…this time tomorrow I will be sitting next to HER when SHE drinks HER coffee! To all my two-legged friends out there sipping on their Saturday morning coffee this morning…it does taste good, doesn’t it?  Enjoy and have a great day!



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No Kidding Around!

Flat Dante got to make friends with a Kid yesterday…HER and Aunt Tere went to visit some goats near the cabin where they’re staying and of course Flat Dante just had to get in the picture…no kidding! Bark Bark Bark!

no kidding around

That Kid acts like he’s never seen a Flat Boy in a tee-shirt!



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