Second Career Ahead?

While Aunt Tere and HER were visiting a sheep farm outside of Auckland New Zealand, the Flat Boy was honing his skills as a herding dog…now don’t laugh too loud…that’s right, the Flat Boy did a trial run as a Sheep Herding Dog (hahahaha). But look what happened: The sheep had never seen a Flat Boy before and they just stopped in their tracks and stared…Flat Boy says he did a great job getting them to stop running away!

Lordy Lordy Flat Boy…you just might have a second career!


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Flat Life Down Under!

While HER and Aunt Tere visited a Kiwi Farm and learned all about Kiwis…the kind you buy at the grocery store and eat…Look at HER trying to have a fresh Kiwi straight from the vine!

The Flat Boy spent a fun afternoon romping around and making friends at the Kiwi Farm….behind the wheel of the Kiwi-Mobile….LOL

And making a new friend: Tilley the Kiwi Watch Dog (Tilley didn’t know what to make of this Flat Boy from the States)!

Oh that Flat Boy…he’s having the time of his Flat Life Down Under!



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No Dogs Allowed? WHAT??

The Flat Boy is in total shock…No Dogs Allowed…how can that be when the Flat Boy just loves the Kiwis so much?

Take a closer look at the Flat Boy’s heart…he has a Kiwi in his heart!!

Maybe they don’t meant “Flat Boys”….BAYL…

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What Rhymes with Spa?

I just can’t believe it…now I’ve seen it all…HER and Aunt Tere had a Spa Day on their trip and that Flat Boy took advantage and booked himself in at the Flat Boy Spa…those Kiwis sure treat their Down Under Flat Boys really good…

So what rhymes with spa? Ahh…as in ahh really!


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Quasi Who?

Wow oh Wow…a day trip to the New Zealand city of Christchurch was filled with all kinds of cool things for the Flat Boy to enjoy with HER and Aunt Tere. His favorite thing didn’t involve wildlife this time. The Flat Boy’s favorite thing about Christchurch was the great big hand on the top of the Art Gallery named Quasi. 

‘Quasi’ was created by local artist Ronnie van Hout and is a five by three metre sculpture located on the top of the Christchurch Art Gallery building. Here’s a little history that the Flat Boy learned about Quasi:  Based on scans of his own body parts, van Hout describes Quasi as ‘the artist’s hand made giant’.

Who knew?

The Flat Boy just thought Quasi was too cool!!!


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What’s a Kiwi?

When you think of Kiwi…is this what you usually think of? Something you can go to the grocery store and buy? This is what SHE used to think of:

But the Flat Boy found out that Kiwi is more than fruit you buy at the market…

These Kiwis have features and really long beaks…check out these cute little Kiwis…..

and then there’s another kind of Kiwi:

The people of New Zealand are also Kiwis! So next time you go to the market and see Kiwis for sale…think of the Flat Boy and the Kiwis he discovered!



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Penguins in New Zealand…Really?

Yes, the Flat Boy found out in person that New Zealand has penguins that can only be found here…the Fiordland Crested Penguins…and they are pretty cool!

They thought the Flat Boy was pretty cool too…it could have been the hat!


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