Happy Every Day!

SHE bought this really neat HAPPY BAG and we have started a new tradition in our house…every day SHE puts something in that bag, something to be HAPPY about…cool idea isn’t it? So what did SHE put in that bag today? A surprise treat with a note attached that really really makes me HAPPY: We’re going to Grandma’s later today…OH YEAH…I am HAPPY!

So what are you HAPPY about today?

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Come and get it!

When I hear those words, I know it’s dinner time and I always come running. But last night I put on my brakes when I spied this instead of my usual delicious dinner…

SHE got me good…and SHE also laughed…a lot! Check out my turkey dinner with all the fixings: corn, green beans and mashed potatoes! Very funny and lots of fun…Turkey dinner Bo-Bo! My birthday surprises keep on coming! Bark Bark Bark!

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Dog can’t hold his licker!!

SHE knows me so well…as soon as SHE closes HER eyes, I head over to HER desk and jump up on HER chair and check out HER laptop…shopping, Facebooking with my friends, catch on my emails….so when I jumped up on Sunday I found a strategically place birthday present: for me!!! I love this tug-toy…can’t wait for HER to play with me!!!

Bark Bark Bark…Lick the Chef…ME!!

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Happy Happy Day!

I love birthdays…especially the one I share with HER! SHE loves to spoil me on our birthday and I love to show HER how I appreciate it too!

This is what I saw when I woke up yesterday!

I think the humans call this diet Birthday cake…I call it B-C Bo-Bo!! Bark Bark Bark!

Wait until you see my Birthday Bo-Bos that SHE got for me…more tomorrow!

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Happy Birthday to Us!

What are the chances that I would get adopted by someone who had the very same birthday as me? It was meant to be… HER and me! Happy happy birthday to us…

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One More Night Time Sleep

I’m smelling good ( that means I don’t smell like a dog)…I’m looking good (SHE called me handsome)…and I’m sporting a new scarf…all courtesy of a day at my Spa! I’m all ready to sleep one more night and when I awake it will be HER Birthday and mine too!

I sure hope SHE gets a day at HER Spa too!

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Friday the 13th…

I just don’t get this fascination the two-leggeds have with Friday the 13th…the ladders, the cracked mirrors and sidewalks, spilt salt, open umbrellas and this thing with black cats…I don’t get it.  SHE says we all make our luck…and me and HER prefer Good Luck…so I’m making my own luck today…how about you?


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