All the way from South Africa!

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy….just when SHE wasn’t letting me play with HER new Bo-Bos, guess what I get? Two very special presents from Big T and Cute Guy…and these presents came all the way from South Africa. WOW…for me…what could they be? I had so much fun getting into those pretty bags…and there they were: Two Bo-Bos just for me! Hey everybody…meet the two new members of my Bo-Bo Family: Quinn the Penguin and Raffy the Giraffe! I am going to make them feel very welcomed in their new home…with me! Thank you Big T and Cute Guy!

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Ole’ Ole’ it’s National Margarita Day!

Me + Skinny Margarita Bo-Bo + Puptrone Bo-Bo = one happy Little Guy celebrating National Margarita Day! Ole’ Ole’ Ole’

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A Little Guy can dream!

A Bo-Bo I can’t play with? SHE ordered a very special Bo-Bo and when SHE opened the box SHE announced it was HERS…What? A special Bearista for the Year of the Dog should be mine… But SHE did let me take a photo with him (note my “unhappy face”) and SHE let him ride in my luxurious car seat… But when it came to me showing him some love… SHE put him back in his special box… Oh well… Naptime and dreaming of how I am going to save him from that special box!!! A little guy can dream!

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Let the lovin’ begin!

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Happy Presidents Day!

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Yum Yum Yum!

SHE and Aunt Tere love Saturday. They go to Garage Sales, Consignment shops and all kinds of cool little stores. But yesterday they went to a store that had all kinds of cool Dog cookies….that’s right: a dog bakery! Check out these scrumptious treats:

Snicker Poodles….oh my! Hahaha!

And now for the treat I dedicate to my friend Bacon (Pig Love):

Bacon & Egg Piglets…bark bark bark…yum yum yum! Delicious!

Here’s hoping your day is as delicious as mine!

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Happy Year of the Dog

A year dedicated to us dogs…as it should be…Bark Bark Bark! Celebrate!

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