That’s what love is….

I was dressed…I was fluffed…I was TCFW and waiting to strut….and waiting …waiting …waiting …where was SHE?  SHE kept me waiting while SHE was working…I was waiting at the front door.  Yea, yea, yea…I knew I wasn’t supposed to be out of my play area…too late to worry about that …Monkey Bo-Bo was here to keep me company while I waited at the front door…

Since I was going be trouble anyway…we snuck into HER bedroom and up on HER big and comfy bed…Monkey and I look pretty good don’t we?  When SHE finally made it home I was ready to roll or strut…but SHE didn’t look so good…what I mean is: SHE didn’t look like SHE felt good.  SHE knew I had been waiting so without even changing into HER ugly walking outfit, SHE took me out…what a gal!!  SHE walking pretty slow….I had to slow down

SHE let me strut to the corner…I got to climb up on one wall and look for Smokey, my Kitty Cat friend, through his gate…nope, he wasn’t out that late…and then we turned around and headed back home.  Is SHE great or what?  I knew SHE didn’t feel good and going for a walk was probably the last thing SHE wanted to do last night…but SHE loves me…a lot.  That’s what love is sometimes…thinking more about someone else than yourself….ooops, maybe I shouldn’t have made HER take me for a walk…too late!

Big, big Bark Out to CG and Big T for their anniversary…you guys are couple Numero Uno in my book of love…Happy Anniversary and Two Paws Up…love ya’


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