There’s nothing wrong with being a Mama’s Boy…

Look at this totally cute tee SHE bought me: Mama’s Boy.  Now I know in some circles that’s not cool…but when you are a CLG like me with four-legs…it is not only cool, it is something to be proud of…if you even think of making fun of me, watch out, I’m GUMB.  SHE is my Doggie Mama and I am HER Boy…I am HER CLG.  I went out struttin’ last night to show off my new tee and guess what? We went on a new route…yee haa…F-U-N!!  I am SBB.

New route…new places to walk, run, strut, jump, climb and yes…new places to pose…HWTMF.  SHE found THE best places for me to climb up on…I had great views of this new area of our ‘hood…only one problem: no cute little chiquitas were out out and walking…BBB. We walked past this new house that had tons of mini-mountains out front…SHE let me run and jump and even climb up on some of them.  The owners of the house came out…CITA and SHE apologized for me but they told HER it was o.k. – they saw me through the window and came out to watch me having fun…imagine that…I was having fun playing on their mini-mountains (big rocks to you humans) and I was making them laugh…they even took pictures of me…what fun…for me and them!!             The best was yet to come: I found this awesome tree that I tried to climb but it was way too big for a little guy like me…I really wanted to climb, but the trunk was straight up, no low hanging branches for me to jump on…but SHE came to my rescue…sometimes we all need a little help, a little boost…the next thing I knew, I was up in the tree with the ultimate view of the ‘hood – IGBWALHFH.  WOW, just a little help and I was up in the tree…Look at my face: H-A-P-P-Y!  HWTMF

We were having one of our best struts ever through the ‘hood when all of a sudden it started thundering and little sprinkles of rain started…I have never seen HER book it as fast as SHE did last night…it was almost a run…I had to put my little legs into overdrive.  We made it home, but SHE was huffin’ and puffin’…ha, ha, ha…thank you rain, you helped me with being HER personal trainer.  As soon as SHE got home SHE took off those ugly sneakers and socks (thank you very much) and put HER feet up…I brought HER my Monkey Bo-Bo to help HER feet feel better…Monkey always makes HER smile and I love to see HER smile.  And SHE loves to see me smile too…cute huh? IGTBM

Remember what my tee says: Mama’s Boy.  I take care of HER!


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2 Responses to There’s nothing wrong with being a Mama’s Boy…

  1. Mumsy, Chancy and Crew says:

    Chancy is a mama’s boy and we don’t see anything wrong with being a mama’s boy either. You enjoy struttin’ in your mama’s boy shirt…you look so cute! Hugs and nose kisses

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