Just Call Me: Almost Birthday Boy!

Birthday Update: Almost Birthday Boy…that’s the new name SHE started calling me last night.  That’s o.k. ’cause I really am almost the Birthday Boy…Two more days…Two more days!  Friday is my BIG day…my birthday …Paula Bo-Bo on Thursday and then Friday it’s My Birthday!  Is it Friday yet? I’m Almost Birthday Boy!  HWTMF

4-Legged Match.com Update: More single ladies …how lucky can one little guy get? CiCi, Jessie and Mona: you are lookin’ good ladies.  It’s too cool that I can get on HER bangin’ computer and with a few taps of my paws…stay in touch with new friends all over the world.   CiCi likes time on her human’s big comfy bed…just like me.  Jessie has perfected “the face”…just like me.  Mona likes runs on the beach…just like me. WOW – so much in common…who would have thought?? IGTBM

Human Exercise Update: Just call me The Stairmaster.  One of the best exercises for our humans is climbing the stairs…up and down and up and down.  All we have to do is make them follow us…slowly at first…then pick up speed…up and down and up and down.  You will notice that they will slow down after a while…so you will need to wait at the top of the stairs and let them catch up with you.  Even though it may sound like they are panting…they are really just catching their breath…be patient with your human…they only have two legs!  BMTO


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