Just call me Sleepy Boy…

Well…well…well…SHE got me up really early this morning to go to….you guessed it…the SPA!  It was so early I could barely open my eyes…”Sleepy Boy” – that’s what SHE called me…hey my new Bling Bed is ultra-comfortable, it’s so easy to snooze.  Getting up super-early will be worth it: I will be bathed, shampooed, massaged, blow-dried, clipped and most of all…pampered.  SHE did HER Spa last week…now HER special little guy gets the pampering…4-legged style!  IGTBM

Last night SHE got home earlier than I expected but SHE was whipped…so it was another quick trip around the Prado…barely enough time to pick up speed for a little guy run.  SHE was kinda rushing
me…but I stopped to smell the flowers and the grass blades and the sign posts…you get the picture BOL.  I only got two poses in and no struttin’…SHE owes me some serious struttin’ this weekend and by the way…how about a ride in my jammin’ bike basket?…that would really make up for a lot of neglect this week (hint, hint).  It’s the weekend…spend time with your little guy and make him HBB!


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3 Responses to Just call me Sleepy Boy…

  1. Mumsy says:

    Hope you get to go struttin’ soon sweet Dante. Just hang in there. Hugs and nose kisses

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