Late again…what’s a little guy to do?

Hmmmm….late again?  What am I gonna do with HER?  I’m gonna have to give HER some of my best faces…maybe my “where have you been face?” face will work…or maybe my “I’ve missed you” face..when all else fails I can give HER the “I Love You” face – works every time…GW

Not sure which face worked it’s magic but SHE was feeling some major league guilt last night…I didn’t even get in trouble for dragging my cookie jar into the family room and tipping it over to get some cookies on my own…SHE just called me a Bad Boy and cleaned up all the cookies…what’s up with that?  No Bad Boy tee shirt…no banishment to DoubleGate…SHE just picked me up and hugged me and told me that SHE loved me…I’m so confused. SHE just wanted me to stay with HER..sitting on HER lap…HBB

I took a minute to grab a Bo-Bo…jumped back up onto HER lap and kept HER company until SHE was OLAL…ha, ha…that didn’t take long.  Last night SHE just wanted my company…funny how that worked out…that’s exactly what I wanted with HER.  What a good night’s sleep for both of us!  I love HER…even when SHE comes home late!        …BAYL….

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2 Responses to Late again…what’s a little guy to do?

  1. Angel says:

    I love the cookie picture so awesome.

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