It doesn’t take much to make HER happy…

Yesterday it was all about what it takes to make me happy and so
many of you wrote to me and sent me messages …thank you!  Today I want to write about HER and you know what?  It doesn’t take much to make HER happy…in fact, every time I turn around, it seems like I’m making HER happy…I can never figure HER out.

When SHE comes home from work the first thing I hear is “Where is my boy?”…I hear a smile in HER voice.   When SHE sits down on the couch to relax and I jump up in HER lap…SHE smiles.  And when SHE hugs me…SHE smiles and says “I love you little guy”…boy does SHE smile!  When I give HER a little kiss on HER nose…SHE giggles and smiles…this is one of my favorite sounds: HER giggle.

You should SHE how happy SHE is when SHE takes me for a walk through our ‘hood and when I strut…and I can do some major league struttin’…well you would think I had just made HER day…that’s how SHE makes me feel anyway.  When I jump up on walls and do some of my favorite poses…another smile from HER.  Climbing up in trees to get in some extra posing…well SHE just can’t stop laughing at me…I mean laughing with me!  And if I want to see HER smile non-stop…I let HER take me to Dog Beach…I mean it, SHE never stops smiling…I play in the water: SHE smiles…I run on the beach: SHE smiles…I play with my beach friends: SHE smiles.

When I go to visit my Tia Letty & Uncle Jerry and I’m happy to see my doggie daddy and my brother and sister…well go figure: this makes HER happy.  I don’t get it, but when I’m happy that makes HER happy…how cool is that?  When I go to HER office
and visit Big T and Mama Mo…that makes HER happy…yee haa…and when I
get hugs from MTM…SHE tells me I’m the best …just being me makes HER happy.  When I go to Board meetings at HER office…SHE laughs…when I attend “Take your child to work day”…that makes HER happy…SHE’S happy when I’m with HER!

When I sit with my Aunt Tere…that makes HER laugh.  But what seems to make HER the happiest is when I spend time with my Grandma.  This one I don’t get at…I love going to Grandma’s…I love spending time with my Grandma: she is heaven on earth.  But when I am with my Grandma you should see HER face…for some reason this seems to make HER the happiest.  SHE just loves how happy I make Grandma…remember I told you that Grandma is HER mom…I still don’t get that: Grandma is my Grandma, that’s it!

Well there it is…it seems it doesn’t take very much at all to make HER smile, to make HER laugh to make HER happy…in fact, just being me, HER little guy, seems to make HER happy….WOW is my life good or what?  When I smile…SHE smiles! When I’m happy…SHE’s happy! Hey all you humans: Go out and make someone happy today…It Feels GREAT!


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2 Responses to It doesn’t take much to make HER happy…

  1. MTM says:

    It’s your smile and personality that makes all of us that know you Happy!!! And i do love the smile!

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