I put me in time-out!

SHE has been working late every single night and it’s been way too
dark for us to go out and walk my ‘hood…I haven’t been able to strut or run or jump or climb and definitely no posing has been going on…so, I gave HER some of my best faces to make HER feel guilty …and then I felt guilty for making HER feel bad.  Bad me…bad me…I put me in time-out!

SHE was really wiped out last night… so after a little self-imposed time out…I decided SHE needed some of my most favorite Bo-Bos to make HER feel better and less tired.  I went to my Bo-Bo boxes and pulled out a whole bunch of my favs to make sure SHE knew how much we love HER.  You know what?  It worked!! HBB…SHE starting laughing at me…and then I saw HER smile…my work was done!  Yes!  Who can you make feel better today? Do it. You’ll feel better too!


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