Win or Lose: I’m a Gator Dog

Boy did SHE keep me busy yesterday!  I had a fab – u -lous day.  I got to make up for all the days last month when it rained and I couldn’t go out and strut…I made up for all those nights when SHE got home too late to take me out stuttin’ my hood…I made up for all those days when I felt like I didn’t get enough attention…and I did all that in one day…HWTMF!!  A ride in my carseat wearing my orange and blue was a great way to start the day…that’s right: I’m a Gator Dog!  Through and through…win or lose: I’m a Gator Dog!

I started the day off with a shopping trip to Nordstrom’s…they love little dogs and let us go shopping in their store…even the manager came to visit me and tell me how cute I was…I love this store!  I took lots and lots of pictures with the shoppers yesterday…for some reason my outfit was attracting a lot of attention (this is U of M country…BOL).  I even got to take a picture with a couple from a house divided: He’s a Gator & she’s a ‘Nole – it must be love..BMTO!  Posing like you would not believe!

As we were driving to our next shopping stop, one of MY favorites: PetSmart…I spotted a Gator car ahead…I did a BIG BOL and they rolled down the window and took a picture of me…WOW…humans really love my Gator Dog look!  When we got to PetSmart I rode in the shopping cart while SHE picked out surprises for my Howl-o-ween…I can’t wait!  I got to ride up and down the aisles and every time I saw a Bo-Bo I liked I would Bark…for some reason, SHE didn’t like all the ones I did…go figure!  When I posed in front of the Howloween sign…I gave a howl & all the humans laughed…what a great sound: laughter.  Loved it!

Next stop: MTM…to show off my Gator Dog look…MTM makes me feel like I’m four feet tall and I weigh 100 pounds…MTM makes me feel like a BIG Dog…a BIG Gator Dog…TCFWWOAD!

I got to do some major league struttin’ in my hood yesterday…funny thing, everytime I stopped to climb up on a wall and pose, humans would stop and take pictures of me with their phones…there are a lot of Gator fans in Miami.  How much fun can one little guy have?  You can never have too much fun…or be too cute…or have too many Bo-Bos…or too many cookies…TCLGITH!

Last night we watched the Gator game and I was being the Number One Gator Fan…pictures tomorrow…I promise.  Last night I was a CPOP….


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4 Responses to Win or Lose: I’m a Gator Dog

  1. I love those pics! You are so photogenic!

  2. Matey Veissi says:

    Women love a man in a hat, so romantic.

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