Sometimes the most fun is right around the corner…

Thirty hours of rain…SHE said it was raining cats and dogs, but for the life of me I couldn’t find those cats or those dogs…just lots and lots of really wet water.  30 hours inside with just a real short walk outside on Saturday when I got really wet.  But Sunday we had a few hours of “no rain” and SHE made sure I got to stretch my little legs…all four of them!  When SHE uttered those words “wanna go for a strut?”…I was at the front door waiting for HER to put that bad boy leash on me.  SHE made sure I was looking good: my BOL tee, matching red collar and my black and red leash.  TCFW A boy’s gotta be lookin’ good if he’s struttin’ the hood …gotta make sure my Personal Cuteness Quotient is a 10: PCQ10. But we weren’t going to strut my ‘hood…SHE put me in HER car for a surprise trip!  Inquiring little minds wanted to know…where was SHE taking me?

You name it, SHE drove me there.  I got to walk, run, jump, climb, play, strut and pose.  Every bench…every wall…every water fountain …every statue…nothing was too big for me to play on and nothing too scary for me to pose on.  I had tons and tons of energy that I needed to burn off…and I was up to the challenge.  The more I played…the happier SHE was.  The better my pose…the bigger HER smile   The louder I barked at people watching me…the more SHE laughed.   And whenever SHE picked me up so my little paws didn’t wet…SHE would give me a great big hug…this rain thing really ended up working in my favor…HWTMF…but don’t get me wrong…I do not want anymore rain: GUMB.  Check me out with that big Lion…I was trying to pose like him!  And to finish our outing SHE took me somewhere very special: the Snails are back…two of them anyway…and even though it was starting to rain, SHE let me get on top of them and pose…what a way to end the day!  It’s amazing how much fun you can have when you are with that special someone…and sometimes the most fun is right around the corner…even if it means it’s only an hour or so in between the rain drops!                                                    …BAYL…                                                                                                               

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6 Responses to Sometimes the most fun is right around the corner…

  1. MTM says:

    Dante, Love you in red!!! it’s my favorite color. SHE is so good to dress you in red!! Your PCQ in my book is a 15!!!!!

  2. I love that last pic! You look so happy and proud!

  3. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew says:

    Sweet Dante, you are a photographers dream…you pose so well. Great shots. Hugs and nose kisses

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