How do you eat an elephant?

Note to self: Do not bring Elephant Bo-Bo to HER big comfy bed at 1:00 am and bite down hard on Elephant’s squeaker… especially when SHE’S sound asleep.  Not a good way to stay in that big comfy bed of HERS!  Here’s the scoop: SHE came home last night and for some reason was really tired and went right to bed…the Big Guy was busy working and there was nothing for me to do except to entertain myself with my Bo-Bos.  After a quick snack, some water and a little trip outside to take care of business…I decided
it would feel pretty good to spend the night on HER big comfy bed and who better than Elephant Bo-Bo to keep me comfy?  It
was going just as planned until I found the squeaker spot in Elephant and you know what happened next…dum, dee, dum, dum: Doublegate!  After I served my sentence…I was released for good behavior and because I learned my lesson…SHE put me back on HER big comfy bed for the rest of the night…without Elephant Bo-Bo…night-night Elephant…I missed you…BAYL…

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6 Responses to How do you eat an elephant?

  1. MTM says:

    Dante, I should have Enzo write you, He got a chicken for Christmas that had a squeaker. He actually ripped it out. SHE should know better than to let you have a Bo-Bo with a squeaker. You only get those during the day!!!! She should go in Doublegate, but don’t tell HER I said that!!!

  2. Looks like my first comment ended up in your spam box. Here it is again under a slightly different profile.

    Chester and Gretel get a similar treatment sometimes too. They sleep in my bed and they like to wake me up at 5 am to eat every day. Sometimes they get antsy and try to get me up at 4 am. I put them in their crate for a few minutes to give them the signal that waking me up at 4 am does not get them food. When I let them out they rush right back in snuggle in bed with me. Then I can sleep. At least another hour. Ha, ha.

    Happy Mischief Monday!

  3. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew says:

    Well, sweet Dante maybe SHE will play with you before going to bed from now on and you will not wake her squeaking your Bo-Bo. Sorry about that double gate business. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Bassas Blog says:

    Memo to self – don’t eat elephants in bed! 🙂

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