Famous last words…

Hey what’s up?  SHE came home after it was dark last night and I just knew for sure we were going walking…HER ugly shoes were waiting …and waiting…and waiting.  Instead of HER coming in and rushing me to get my leash on…SHE told me we would go in a little bit…SHE needed to rest a little.  Famous last words!  You guessed it…OLAL.  And HER little guy waited…waited…waited & waited.

This is what I did while SHE “rested a little”…I napped…I watched HER…I played with my Bo-Bos…I napped…I watched HER waiting for HER to wake up…I napped.  Today is another day…I’m keeping my little paws crossed that SHE will come home tonight and take me and HERSELF for our walk…Paw-Solution…Paw-Solution.  BAYL…

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2 Responses to Famous last words…

  1. MTM says:

    After a small nap, start barking at HER, throw a few Bo-Bos at her!!!!
    PS don’t tell HER I told you this.

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