Feeling in the pink…

What a day, what a day…SHE told me that SHE was taking me to a place we had never been before and we could take my new Bunny Bo-Bo too…yee haa!


It  was right down the street from us…if I have anything to do about it, we’ll be going back again and again…please, please, please.  Oh and just in case anyone wants to know: Real guys are not afraid to wear pink or pose on pink snails!

Check out all the cool playground equipment they had…I had so much fun on the swings


They had so many cool things for me to play on…can we come back tomorrow?


Can you imagine this much fun and right down the street the whole time?  Real guys really can wear pink and play with pink Bunny Bo-Bos!


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11 Responses to Feeling in the pink…

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  2. Carole Sanek says:

    Love it – love anything pink and I expect to see some spectacular pink in Oct of course xo

  3. Matey Veissi says:

    Dante you look like a stud muffin!!!!

  4. Joyce says:

    Dante you are so handsome in pink, yes October is a “PINK” month!!! A guy that wears pink has his stuff together! What great balance you have on the play equipment. Swing Dante, swing.

  5. Paws To Talk says:

    We agree that real males are not afraid of pink. You wear it well! We want to pose on the snail and ride the swings! We hope you get to go back!
    Bella and DiDi

  6. Bassas Blog says:

    Cool playground Dante! I hope the pink snail wasn’t slimy! 🙂

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