My, oh my…what a big Gator you are!

It poured down rain all weekend…that’s right…two days with HER and it rained…BBB.  No struttin’ the hood…it rained so much I would have had to swim my hood.  SHE told me we lived in waterfront property…this weekend anyway!  SHE thinks SHE’S so funny!


See what I mean?  Waterfront property…BMTO!  Halfway through the day…a bright spot:  the doorbell rang and it was for me…yeah ME.  It was MTM and she came to visit me and brought me a very special and very big Bo-Bo…a HUGE Gator Bo-Bo for moi, ME!!


Check out this Gator Bo-Bo…he’s HUGE!

Man oh man does this Gator Bo-Bo like to play…but he’s so fat he can’t stay on the chair


As you can see, me and Gator Bo-Bo are fast friends already…thanks MTM…I love him!

I can’t wait ’til Gator Football Season…Gator Bo-Bo is gonna be a hit at our parties!


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7 Responses to My, oh my…what a big Gator you are!

  1. Paws To Talk says:

    Dante that is one cool gator! Are you still living on a waterfront property? if so then enjoy the view.
    Bella and DiDi

  2. Basil says:

    That looks ace – I wish I has one *goes to find birthday list!*

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    Waterfront property 🙂 Soon you will be able to step out of your front door and go surfing Dante! 🙂

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