It’s Finally Friday…Finally!

Wowwee…it has been a really looooong week.  SHE has been working so late every night, sometimes coming home to me, HER little guy, when it’s dark outside.  I was so excited when SHE took me for my nightly strut through my hood – yea, SHE had on HER ugly walking clothes and those ugly shoes.  SHE reminded me that when the sun came up it would be Friday…Finally…the weekend is almost here.  I can hardly wait to have two whole days with HER at home…well, most of the time! BOL.  My strut last night was really fast…the girl was booking it…we needed to finish before it started raining …again.  So what do you think of my Dante at Sundown poses?  I tried to position my little guy body to get some good shadows from the lights on the posts and walls!  It looks like we may not be doing a whole lot of struttin’ this weekend though…they (whoever “they” are) are predicting rain…the whole weekend.  Looks like it may be a Throw the Bo-Bo kind of weekend! But we will be spending it together…yee haa…together!


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6 Responses to It’s Finally Friday…Finally!

  1. says:

    Busy lives but daily relaxation moments are essential. Wish you relax comfortably on – the blog of beautiful girls and relax! I am sorry if I bother you! Nice time!

  2. You are beautiful in these Sundown poses! 🙂 Urgh, the weather… We’re getting the rains every other day too! And it’s not even raining season. -.- Poppy managed to finish her walk today before the rain started! 😀 I’m glad you did too 🙂 Xoxoxo, Popcorn & me ♥

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    Dante at Sundown – I love it! It sounds like a glitzy TV show! 🙂

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