Bye-Bye 2013…

2013 has been a fabulous year for this Little Guy and I plan out ringing in the New Year in style!  There’s a cute Little Chiquita across the street from our house and she and I have planned to meet at midnight and party like no tomorrow!  SHE has made sure that I look my very best too…I spent the yesterday at the Spa and according to HER, I smell yummy!  Bark Bark Bark!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

The Next time I see you my friends, it will be 2014…so See You Next Year!

Happy New Year

Pawty Pawty Pawty


New Year Paw

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5 Responses to Bye-Bye 2013…

  1. Misaki says:

    Happy New Year! Hope 2014 is even bigger and better! xx

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  3. Basil says:

    I love your costume – happy new year!

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