Call the police…

Someone obviously broke into our house yesterday and while I was napping and decided to play with some of my Bo-Bos.  This intruder picked out some of my favorite Bo-Bos to play with and played so hard that one of my very favs got injured…Monkey Bo-Bo is going to need surgery to repair his broken arm! Can you believe someone would do that to Monkey? Shame on them. When I was questioned in the incident, I was shocked and at a loss as to who would do such a thing…who? Who would do this to Monkey?

The evidence Innocence

When confronted with the shocking sight of Monkey Bo-Bo’s broken arm I just couldn’t imagine who could do such a thing…

Investigate  look closer

Something in the tone of HER voice gave me the impression that SHE didn’t think an intruder did this…who did SHE suspect? Certainly not me! I love Monkey Bo-Bo!


Friends, I need your help. If you saw any suspicious characters coming and going from my house or if you hear anyone bragging about ripping Monkey Bo-Bo’s arm…please alert your local authorities…in the meantime: Monkey Bo-Bo is scheduled for surgery this weekend. SHE says he should be good as new…thank goodness!


angel paw

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8 Responses to Call the police…

  1. Maybe it was S.O.D (someotherdoddy) that did this horrendious deed to your monkey bo-bo. This S.O.D often comes and visits Me and Nellie with all his bad deeds.

  2. I bet it was Not Me! That’s who sneaks in here and does stuff while we are all being little angles! So it must be Jasper’s S.O.D. or N.M. you just tell Her to look for them Dante. Glad Monkey Bo-Bo will be fixed soon!

  3. Basil says:

    I’ll keep my eyes open pal!!

  4. Misaki says:

    OMD that’s awful, who would do that to your monkey pal??

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