These legs were made for walking!

 I finally get the Vet’s o.k. to start going for walks for 15 minutes a day, a chance to strut my ‘hood, a chance to check out the Chiquitas and wouldn’t you know it: It rained and rained and rained and rained…and then when we thought it let up: it rained some more!

rain It's raining@TheDanteDiaries

I love HER so much…SHE didn’t want to disappoint me so we walked but we were the only crazy two-legged and four-legged out in the rain…NO Chiquitas anywhere! And I refused to wear my bright yellow rain gear…au naturale for me! But we did have lots of poodles I mean puddles….bark bark bark!

rain, rain

Mother Nature, if you are listening: Have pity on this good little guy, please stop this rain and let’s have sunshine today! These legs were made for walking!



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7 Responses to These legs were made for walking!

  1. Basil says:

    BOL, it was raining here last night, I got soaked on my evening walk!

    • Oh Basil my friend….I pretend like I don’t like getting wet so that SHE makes a big deal over me. Truth be told, I love getting wet, playing in the puddles and listening to HER say: “On no, you smell like a dog”….mission accomplished!

  2. Awww paws crossed the rain stops so you can impress those ladies soon!


  3. So very glad you two went for a walk even though it was wet, wet, wet! Abbe is the only one here that doesn’t mind the rain here 🙂 Love the pictures of you out and strutting your stuff!

  4. Misaki says:

    So pleased to hear that your leg is better.
    I love walking in the rain but you’re right, it keeps my friends away from the park

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