Halloween Hound!

Choices, choices, choices…SHE is one crazy lady isn’t SHE?  I have a costume for every side of my personality…and HERS!

I hope a few make you smile…and maybe some will have you laughing!

I think I detect a smile…

You have to agree with me…the girl is crazy!

I wonder which costume SHE will pick out for tonight when we deliver our Halloween bags….I wonder…I have my favorite.  Do you have a favorite?  Which look do you think is best on me?  Which one gets a Two-Paws Up?



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11 Responses to Halloween Hound!

  1. Hoping we get some photos tomorrow of tonights gear. You look so cute in all of them.

  2. MTM says:

    You look so hot in all of them!! Hope you get lots of chewies and cookies!!!!

  3. Dante, you have more clothes than my mummy does BOL

  4. Whee love the pumpkin costume!


  5. Dante I didn’t realize you had so many costumes. You look adorable in each of them. You almost need your own closet! What DO you call a male fashionista?
    Marty’s Mom

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