12 Dog Days of Christmas Challenge

Our friend, Chase the Sheltie, has issued a challenge: The 12 Dog Days of Christmas and it sounds like so much fun…we decided to join in and are asking all our friends to join Chase and us too!

This challenge consists of 12 different picture posts (starting December 1 and ending December 25… you can always take multiple pictures one day then schedule each post to be posted on different days for you)

Seasons Greetings!

Here are the pictures to be posted from Day 1 all the way to Day 12:

  1. Post a Christmas Card worthy photo (see mine above!)
  2. Post a picture of/with your favorite holiday gift/toy (past or present)
  3. Post a throwback Christmas picture on a Thursday
  4. Take a picture with your favorite holiday treat
  5. Take a picture with your favorite Christmas friend
  6. Take a picture in the snow (you can think outside the box if you have no snow… take a picture beside the fake snow of your little village set up for example)
  7. Take a picture with Christmas bow(s) on your head or all over you
  8. Take a picture with a Christmas hat on (or elf/reindeer ears)
  9. Take a picture covered in lights or ornaments
  10. Take a picture surrounded by wrapped presents
  11. Take a picture with your stocking
  12. Take a picture in front of your Christmas Tree

Please take the time to participate, we can not wait to see the pictures you all come up with! Thank you Chase for issuing this wonderful challenge!



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9 Responses to 12 Dog Days of Christmas Challenge

  1. Basil says:

    What a lovely idea!!

  2. My mom asked me to send you this message: “Oh, wow, Dante! Your picture is SO cute!”

  3. Oh Dante that would be a purrrfect Christmas Card! We need to get to hopping on our posts! Mom is behind already!

  4. Thanks for joining in, Chase is loving your posts! 🙂

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