Christmas is…

Christmas is all about family and when it comes to the “Top Dog” in my family…it is definitely my Grandma…

My Grandma

Spending time with my Grandma was the best part of Christmas…

Bo-BosBut I will admit that getting some new Bo-Bos was pretty nice too…


Check ’em out: “Who Let the Dogs Out” doggie, my very own Vixen reindeer Bo-Bo, Starbarks Carmel Machiatto Bo-Bo, Skinny Dog Margarita Bo-Bo, Puptrone Bo-Bo, Olympups Camera Bo-Bo and the new iPaw6 Smart phone for dogs!!!! Thank you MTM and Santa Paws for all my cool stuff…and thank you Grandma for being the coolest Grandma ever! I love you!!



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4 Responses to Christmas is…

  1. Oh my Fluff-miester friend you are one stylin’ Hipster now! Next thing we are going to see is you and Bruno Mars there jumping in the Furrari and go out to pick up some Chaquitas!

  2. Is that giant Santa Gnome yours as well? What a haul, Dante! You deserve it!

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