A better Little Guy

As most of you know….I love my Grandma…you also probably know by now that my Grandma has THE Best Lap in the Whole Wide World. What you may not know is that my Grandma also helps me to be a better little guy…she shares her “Grandma Wisdom” with me and then shares the bestest of hugs so I’ll always remember how much she loves me.

Me and my Grandma Me and my Grandma

Sometimes she even tells me stories about HER when SHE was a little girl…hahaha…those stories are very funny and Grandma really laughs! Every story ends with a hug for me!

Me and my Grandma Me and my Grandma

Yep…I really really love my Grandma…Thanks for loving me so much!

Me and my Grandma

It’s time for us to go back home today but we’ll be back soon…so keep your lap nice and warm for me Grandma…I Love You!


angel paw

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5 Responses to A better Little Guy

  1. Dante life is wonderful with your Grandma isn’t it! We love to see how happy Grandma is every time she is with you! Loves to all of you!!!!

  2. Misaki says:

    You both look so happy together xx

  3. Nothing better than a Grandma hug.

  4. Barb says:

    Grandma’s are so special, and they give the bestest of hugs!

  5. sandy921 says:

    Those stories must be great – happy new year to your Grandma too!

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