The Bug Man Cometh…

Bug ManEvery month we get a visit from The Bug Man…he sprays our yard and then he comes inside and makes sure that no bugs are aroundbug dance to scare HER.  Now I don’t like to see HER scared but the squeals that come out of HER when SHE sees a bug is pretty funny…but not as funny as the dance SHE does if a bug heads HER way…pretty entertaining to say the least!

are we there yet?


The best part of Bug Man’s visit is I am not allowed to play in the yard or stay in the house for six hours…so when the Bug Man showed up yesterday morning – surprise, surprise!….guess what that meant: A Day at HER Office…Yee Haa! SHE packed my breakfast, snacks, a few of my fav Bo-Bos…dressed me up so I was looking like a good work supervisor and off we went…are we there yet? This girl drives so slow! I have friends to see, work to supervise and treats to snack on!


I love spending the day with HER at work but SHE read me the riot act on the way andpaperwork explained to me that SHE had lots and lots of work and I had to be on my bestest behavior.  It was a very busy day to say the least…paperwork can be so exhausting…but paperwork can also be just the right place for me to take a cuteness break…thank goodness I have the whole weekend to recharge my cuteness batteries…Bark Bark Bark!

Have a Happy and Fun-Filled Weekend my friends and remember to Run, Romp and Play!


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5 Responses to The Bug Man Cometh…

  1. Oh, Dante, you are the funniest Little Man ever – thanks for the chuckle! Give your mom a big kiss and tell her I said keep up the good work. Love from Jolie Amie.

  2. Oh Dante with that cuteness overload we don’t know how ANY work got done!

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