This kind of selfish is O.K.

Dante Computer time2Shhhhh….it’s early Sunday morning here at Grandma’s and she’s not an early riser like HER…so I have to be very very quiet and make sure my typing on the laptop doesn’t wake my Grandma.  I need Grandma to get as much rest possible so she can devote all her attention, all her love and especially her lap to her favorite Little Guy: Me! I know I’m being selfish but Grandma says that kind of selfish is O.K.

Me and my Grandma…I can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday.  I’ll be signing off now…gotta get a little more cuteness sleep before Grandma wakes up! Bark Bark Bark….shhhhhh!

Have a great Sunday my friends…BAYL…quietly!

angel paw

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One Response to This kind of selfish is O.K.

  1. Dante we hope you and Grandma had a fantastic day full of cuddles and lots of love!
    Marty and the Gang

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