The Best of Both Worlds

SHE called Grandma and let her know that SHE would be coming to pick me up around noon today…Grandma, please be sure to have my Bo-Bos packed and ready. Just one thing I don’t like…this means I will be leaving my Grandma and the Best Lap In The Whole Wide World…I wish I could have the best of both worlds: HER and My Grandma!

Grandma's Love Grandma's Love Grandma's Love

Missed HER

WOW…what a lucky lucky little guy I am to have so much love!

Is it noon yet?


angel paw

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One Response to The Best of Both Worlds

  1. Dante you give your Grandma AND Her a big kiss from us too! You are so lucky to have two wonderful Ladies in your life who love you so much! Have a great day today my friend!

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