Throw Back Thursday: Macho Macho Dog!

In honor of Throw Back Thursday we are taking a look at what we posted here on January 29th, 2011 (I had just started my diaries on January 1st of that year)….SHE says some things don’t change with me…like my love of Spa Day and my need for cuteness! So here’s a Thursday Throw Back…enjoy:

Macho, Macho Dog!!

I’m going to spa…I’m going to the spa…Josie’s gonna give me my bath…Cori’s gonna blow-dry my hair…and voila…the cuter and betterDog Spa smelling version of me!  Here’s the “before” picture of me…7:00 am is just a bit early for me – I could have played with my Bo-Bos for another hour or better yet, I could have slept for another hour.  But just wait until you see my “after” photo…I wonder if I can convince HER to put a mirror in my condo???

I’m looking good….I’m smelling good – Tommy Bahama is my fragrance of choice…wish there was “smell-o-vision” on this blog…I smell like a vacation on some beautiful island!  Everyone sing it with me: ♪ ♫ ♬ Macho, Macho Dog…I really am a Macho Dog!   ♪ ♫ ♬


Spa paw

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2 Responses to Throw Back Thursday: Macho Macho Dog!

  1. Looking, smelling good.

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