Disappointed…but not too much!

My Spa appointment for early this morning was rescheduled for next week…I was just a bit disappointed, but not too much. I took advantage of this extra time and gathered up just a few of my favorite Bo-Bos and we went back to bed…I love lazy Saturday mornings!


Enjoy your Saturday friends!


angel paw

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8 Responses to Disappointed…but not too much!

  1. Daisy C Chan says:

    You’re looking mighty comfortable Dante! Haha enjoy your lazy Saturday morning 🙂

  2. Well my floof-a-licious friend, you had the right idea! Mazie got us all up early and it is cold and wet here. Mom is putting new fleece on the couch and bed for us to curl up and take naps all day too!
    Luvs Marty

  3. Hold the frou-frou for another week!

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