SHE kept HER promise!

Well, well, well…what was SHE doing while I was outside taking care of business? I tried to sneak a peak through the sliding glass doors but couldn’t see anything…but when SHE let me in, I knew right away that we were going somewhere to have fun: that cooler and HER keys…oh yeah…SHE packed some goodies!


We had the whole day together…from early morning until it started to get dark…is SHE the best or what? We started at one of our favorite places…and don’t laugh: The Car Wash! SHE gets plenty of free coffee and I get free bagels and lots of attention…and HER car and my car seat get clean!

     car wash boy car seat

Then we took off for some cruising with the top down before heading to the beach…SHE put on HER hat & sunglasses(oh Lordy!) and I put on my Stud sun visor…fair warning for the Chiquitas (BOL)!

silly girl

stud stud stud stud

We found some great places to walk and relax…we even found a place for a picnic and I provided the entertainment…you know how I live to hear HER laugh and see HER smile!

stud stud IMG_5465 stud

SHE took me to a park, we watched the boats for a while (I think SHE even closed HER eyes for a minute or two)…we even sat on a dock and watched some two-leggeds fish!

stud boats stud

What a day…What a day…and the best part? The most fun? Spending the day with HER!

Love HER

SHE kept HER promise…a whole day together…I love HER! And SHE loves me!          Lucky Lucky Me!


paw heart2

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3 Responses to SHE kept HER promise!

  1. Your hat! Your basket! It’s all too much ❤ . Your mom loves you like my mom loves me: to the moon and back! Excellent pictures, Dante! I'm so happy for you 🙂

  2. What a fabulous day you two had together!!

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