Extra cargo

You all know how much I love to go for a ride with HER…but yesterday we had some extra cargo…my condo…hmmmmm…why is that in the car? Where is it going?

 condo condo

But SHE took my mind off my condo by taking us for a great ride…

ride ride

We went to HER office…we went to the pet store to get some yummy snacks…ride

The riding around was fun…but then I found out why my condo was in the car: I was going to spend a few days with my Tia Letty & Tio Jerry…Family Reunion time…yee haa!

Tia Letty

Boy oh boy was that a great surprise! I will miss HER while SHE is on HER trip…but I will have a fun time with my Daddy Rocky, my handsome brother Oliver and my beautiful sister Princess…I promise I will be a good boy!

Family Reunions are the best! BAYL…

angel paw

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5 Responses to Extra cargo

  1. PigLove says:

    OH WOW! That is so much fun – what an adventurous time you are going to have my little friend. XOXO – Bacon

  2. WooHoo Family reunion!!!!

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