What does Hazmat mean?

I was feeling pretty darn good this morning when we finished our walk around the block…I got to hear the birds sing…mark a lot of bushes, bark out to some of my friends, chase a kitty cat off MY sidewalk…yeah, life was feeling pretty darn good…until…until we got home and SHE announced: “you smell like a dog“. I was just getting ready to give HER my “Thank You very much” face when SHE qualified her statement: Pee Eww…you stink! SHE said SHE needed a Hazmat suit to be around me…ahhh, SHE doesn’t have to get dressed up to be around me!

hazmat Dante

Oh well…I guess that means a day at the Spa for me….bark bark bark…my plan worked out nicely for me…ahhh a day at the Spa…just what this stinky dog wanted & needed!


Spa paw

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3 Responses to What does Hazmat mean?

  1. PoshPedlar says:

    Must be the time of year. Pedro desperate for a bath. Phewwww.

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