Hi Ho Hi Ho…it’s off to work I go!

When I was given the assignment of being an office assistant I took it very seriously…Office assistant Office assistant

I worked very very closely with my Tia Letty…all day!

Office assistant Office assistant

I don’t know how you two-leggeds do this…it’s exhausting!

Office assistant

Thanks goodness the pay is really good…bark bark bark

Special Cookie

I plan on resting up all weekend…just in case I’m needed next week!


angel paw

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7 Responses to Hi Ho Hi Ho…it’s off to work I go!

  1. PigLove says:

    OH WOW! That looks so pawsome and fun my little friend. What a great little assistant you were too! XOXO – Bacon

    • Oh Bacon, I cannot figure out how our two-leggeds do this every day…it is totally exhausting!!

      • PigLove says:

        I know! I’ve went to work with mom a couple of times. So has Houdini. He seems to love it too. Can’t wait for Professional Bring Your Child to Work Day this year. Mom says she might bring us both – squeals! XOXO – Bacon

  2. I thought blue jeans were the official office attire on casual Fridays!

  3. Daisy C Chan says:

    Woof! I was kinda jealous at first that you got to go to work.. But then you looked exhausted in one of your pictures.. So now I’m rethinking the jealousy. Haha Hunter

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