All’s quiet in Bo-Bo Land

I am so looking forward to Easter with my two-legged family – She is heading back this morning to spend the weekend with me, Aunt Tere and Grandma. But unfortunately there is a casualty again this year: Bunny Bo-Bo…one of my oldest and most favorite Bo-Bos. Poor Bunny Bo-Bo…someone (who shall remain un-named) decided that his squeaker had become annoying and Bunny Bo-Bo needed a squeakerectomy…I’m told someone has done this before…how dare they!


Poor Bunny Bo-Bo…He is going to need some body sculpting surgery!

bunny1           bunny2

Send your Get Well Wishes to the Quiet Bunny Bo-Bo (bark bark bark)!!!


Easter paw@TheDanteDiaries

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2 Responses to All’s quiet in Bo-Bo Land

  1. Mags says:

    Oh no! We are so sorry and we hope Bunny Bo Bo has successful surgery very soon sweet Dante. Hugs and nose kisses

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