The Nose Knows…

The last two weeks I have been having so much fun at my Grandma’s house and then traveling with HER and playing in my yard…running up to the corner and back…that’s been so much fun but now SHE says I “smell like a dog”. Actually what SHE said last night was: “Dante you stink!”  Guess where I’m going this morning: The SPA!


Don’t tell HER…but going to the SPA is such a treat! I get pampered, bathed, blow-dried, fluffed and called handsome…what a way to spend my Saturday. And then when SHE picks me up…yee haa…SHE goes crazy when I’m super-fluffy and bright white…and when I get home I get to sleep in that great big comfy bed of HERS! Being stinky does have it’s benefits…look out SPA…here I come!


Spa paw

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8 Responses to The Nose Knows…

  1. Enjoy your spa day. I get bathed in the kitchen sink.

  2. Ohhhh you are getting fluff-a-licious today my friend! I have a new blog site (mom thought no one would miss me) come visit me!

  3. Enjoy my friend, enjoy!!!!!

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