SHE never disappoints!

When SHE left for work yesterday SHE promised me that we would have some fun when SHE back home…well SHE did not disappoint me! When SHE got home SHE played one of favorite games…Throw The Bo-Bo…lots of Bo-Bos!

Throw the Bo-Bo Throw the Bo-Bo

Check out how many Bo-Bos I chased and brought back to HER…I went back and forth so many times that I had to call a time-out to go drink water four times!

Throw the Bo-Bo Throw the Bo-Bo

But when SHE asked me to bring HER Bo-Bo Number 1…I searched in the pile and found him…my very first Bo-Bo ever…boy does he go far when SHE throws him! Like I said…SHE never disappoints when SHE makes a promise: Happy Happy me!

PS: Side benefit to playing Throw the Bo-Bo…I am building up my leg muscles…you know how the little Chiquitas love a buff little guy!! Bark Bark Bark


angel paw

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8 Responses to SHE never disappoints!

  1. Oh I love playing throw the Bo-Bo. It is my favorite game too and I play it every night with my human mom.

  2. Dante you’re getting awfully puffy! I can hardly see your eyes 😛

  3. Dante you are one happy little guy! You always make me smile!
    Marty’s Mom

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