Throw Back Thursday

Take a Look at My Blog Post From Four Years Ago Today:  So You Think You Had A Tough Day

Dante ExhaustedLet me tell you about a tough day…High Pressure?  Demanding? I think this picture of me says it all…yesterday was exhausting!  It was Take Your Child to Work Day…including the four-legged children…like me….and they worked all four of my legs off!  WMLO…AND….BOL!!  So here’s how my day went:

I was fresh & looking good…headed to the office.  First meeting of the day …numbers, numbers, numbers…they were mind numbing….boy trying to pay attention is hard work – How does SHE do it?

Next: I needed to visit as many departments as possible.  First stop, L’il L in MLS…then Big Ty and Big D in the detail department (they cleaned & straightened like no tomorrow)…then off to visit the graphic artist L’il O and her dad….can she make crayons sing!

Coffee break…it’s been a tough morning so it’s Starbucks AND Cuban coffee…ahhh.   Then another hug from L’il L and a nice squeeze from the top dog around here…Big T….get it?  Top Dog?  BMTO… All this hugging and looking cute is really hard work…will work for cookies and chewies…how about a snack?… SUAB

So many departments to visit, so much networking to complete….Member Relations with Mama Mo…Quality time with Commercial Captain Cauchi and another round of MLS with Leapin’ Laz…all that and I’m still looking fresh and cute….I did catch my breath on Mama Mo’s shoulder (she’s a doggie mom too)…hey, she’s GiGi’s mom…where’s that hotie GiGi?

A little PR work with the members and honing my Concierge skills with Little ‘Set.  Check out this office crew…aren’t they looking good?  Not as good as me…but still, they look pretty cute for humans.  OMG…is it time to go home?  I am beat…wake me when we get home….

What a day!  I was tired but not as tired as this guy…Mighty N had a totally exhausting day as Assistant Creative Director…all that creativity really takes it out of a guy!  So in case you forgot how exhausted I was…here I am …one more time!  Looks like I was practicing yoga:  hey look, it’s Downward Facing Dog!!!  ROAPD….

I hope everyone had a chance to have children at your work…remember, children have two legs and sometimes they have four…like me!  ……BAYL…..

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