A Promise is a Promise

Today’s post should have been my regularly scheduled “Let Sleepy Dogs Sleep” but instead I bring you  “A Promise is a Promise”.  Why? Because last night the girl was OLAL and I did not get to go anywhere, do anything or play anything …SHE felt so badTake me struttin' face when SHE woke up in the middle of the night that SHE promised we would walk in the morning ’til I begged to go home…a promise is a promise and SHE delivered!  SHE got up early this morning… changed into HER ugly walking clothes & new walking shoes… scooped me up and we were outta there…before SHE had HER coffee (that’s when I knew SHE was serious)!  Where was SHE taking me?  Where were we going?

We went to the golf course but to an area we had never been before…SHE took me to the Country Club…I was all smiles & happy faces! As the sun was coming up lots and lots of other walkers were doing the same thing…enjoying the fresh air, the sunrise and a bit cooler morning…


I love, love, love going to new places…new places to strut…new places to pose…just when it seemed that the places to pose were endless…it was time to go home…oh no!  When we got home there was even more quality time for us…Bunny Bo-Bo…Me & HER!


When SHE makes a promise…SHE keeps it…and I had way too much fun…I Love HER!

Don’t you just love it when your day starts out fantastic?


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4 Responses to A Promise is a Promise

  1. You are seriously the most photogenic dog in the world.

  2. sandy921 says:

    What an excellent day – happy weekend Dante!!

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