Let the Pupcation begin!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I wanted to be sure that my Grandma knew how much I love her…while were getting our picture taken I snuck in a little Dante-kiss and surprised my Grandma…Bark Bark Bark!


Now that Mother’s Day is over it means that SHE is going away for a while…getting on a big jet plane and going somewhere else to work…and while SHE’S gone I’m on Pupcation at Club Grandma – The All-Inclusive Pupcation Resort….Grandma get your lap ready…Let the Pupcation begin!

On Pupcation

 BAYL from Club Grandma…

angel paw

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5 Responses to Let the Pupcation begin!

  1. Barb says:

    I don’t need to tell you to enjoy yourself Dante – I know you always have a great time at Grandma’s (and she does too).

  2. ladyofroyalhorses says:

    Reblogged this on Appalachian aspie part two..

  3. Dante your Grandma looks very very pretty in your photos! Have a wonderful time on Pupcation!

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