When the Bug Man cometh…

I love when the Bug Man comes every month…it means I get to go to HER office!

Tia Letty

First stop…my Tia Letty’s office…she says I make her smile and as you can see…Tia Letty makes me smile too!


The rest of my day was spent being HER paperwork consultant…


HER paperwork makes a great place to rest my head too…bark bark bark…


And every once in a while I give HER my “Pay attention to me” Face! It works!

Break timebreaktime

But this was THE best part of the day…an ice cream break…I love working here! I think I really earned my treats today…this working thing is exhausting!

Have a great weekend my friends…BAYL…


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2 Responses to When the Bug Man cometh…

  1. dogdaz says:

    Seems like the bug man should come more often

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