Who Me?

Well, well, well…yesterday morning there was a knock on the door. It was the “doggie” police following up a report that SHE was harboring a vicious, mean, big bad dog…huh? When I heard that, I immediately went to the front door to confront my accusers…giving them my very best Big Dog bark…who me?

I think I saw a little smile on the faces of my accusers…but after verifying that I was the only dog in residence and that the address was incorrect and that I was truly a cute Little Guy…they wished us a happy day. For a few minutes I was feeling four feet tall…bark bark bark!



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4 Responses to Who Me?

  1. Mighty ferocious looking!

  2. A big bark is all you need Dante! I bet charming you was the best sight they saw all day!

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