…right where we’re supposed to be…

This is a very lazy morning for HER today…SHE hasn’t been feeling 100% so I let HER sleep late (I kept my legs crossed and didn’t whine to go out). And when SHE finally got up and made HER coffee, guess what cup SHE decided use…yep, it’s one of my favorites too!

Home is where your dog is

Yep, SHE and I are here in our house, together…right where we’re supposed to be…

HER lap

I loved visiting my Grandma but it sure does feel good to snuggle up next to HER!

Snuggle close to someone you love today…it will make both of you SMILE!


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2 Responses to …right where we’re supposed to be…

  1. Dante, I know you are doing your best to help HER feel better. *nose pushes*

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