Side Benefits…

SHE spent some time this weekend trying to catch up on HER rest and getting back to feeling good. Being the good Little Guy that I am…I stuck close, very close to HER, in case SHE needed anything…I also tried to sneak some of HER heating pad…

close very close

And whenever SHE rolled over or got up to make a cup of tea…it was stretch time for me!


My secret: This is the side benefit of going to the Spa and being extra clean and fluffy…yep, HER big comfy bed and snuggling close to HER! I really helped HER feel better too! Show the ones that you love some extra love and attention…it’s amazing how good it will feel…for them and for you!


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4 Responses to Side Benefits…

  1. Dante…you are an awesome nurse and we are positive your mom appreciates it! Hope she feels better real soon!

  2. Glad to see you are still on the job, fluff boy. Keep up the good work.

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