What’s a little guy to do when you can’t go out and play?

So what’s a little guy to do when the rain hasn’t stopped for 7 days?  It’s been raining so hard, for so long, that SHE says we now live in waterfront property…BOL…SHE made a human funny!! BMTO …Back to me: what’s a little guy to do when I can’t go out and play?  When there’s absolutely no struttin’, no runnin’, no jumpin’, no climbin’ and absolutely no posin’ in sight?  Answer: Jump on HER bangin’ computer and get caught up on some shopping, some blogging, say hey to my friends on Facebook, check my email…you get the picture!   First stop: My blog.  This rain gave me time to sort through some of photos SHE has taken of me…wow the girl really does have shutterbug-itis.  Hey, that’s a pretty good shot of me in my Hawaiian shirt…I wonder why SHE didn’t use that one?  Next stop: No last minute shopping for this little guy.  Let’s see: shopping for Hanukkah and Christmas ….where’s that American Express card of HERS…I hope SHE left home without it …HWTMF!  Ohhhh…I’m really liking that big Lion Bo-Bo…look at how big he is!  He would look really good riding along side this little guy in my Furrari…let’s see, still in stock, yep…ship it!   This is exhausting…I need to pace myself so I have some energy when SHE gets home!  O.K….on to my Facebook page…need to make sure I engage my friends…I need some more “Likes” for my page…I know they are gonna love this wall photo…I just love connecting with my friends …especially when we share!  And last but not least on my long list of  “To Do” on HER bangin’ computer: my emails.  Let’s see, I have a Dear Dante that I need to answer.  This one is very important.  One of my four-legged readers wants to know where I buy my Gator wardrobe..important stuff here…us four-leggeds have to show our spirit for our two-leggeds …BMTO…Go Gators!  What a day…my little paws are worn out…I think I have calluses…I need a doggie-pedicure…let’s see if I can call my Spa and make an appointment…a guy has to keep up his PCQ.   I’m taking an nap before SHE gets home.

Now here’s an Important tech tip for today: Be sure to clear all the cookies and temporary files before your human gets home …you don’t want to leave paw prints on the internet…to remove the cookies:  just eat them….BMTO!!!


BAYL my friends!


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5 Responses to What’s a little guy to do when you can’t go out and play?

  1. Piglove says:

    Awesome TIPS my friend. I just love all of them. And a great one about removing the cookies – no need to leave a trail. XOXO – Bacon

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