On the Third Day of Dante’s Christmas…

This weekend SHE spent a lot of time trying to explain Christmas to me.  SHE tried to tell me that it’s better to give than receive…as in it’s not all about me getting all kinds of great Bo-Bos and tees.  What?  That took a lot of explaining until I finally understood …until SHE talked about how good it feels when I make Grandma 
smile…how good it makes me feel when I give one of my favorite Bo-Bos to Grandma and she gives me a big hug and kiss and tells me she loves me.  Now I finally understood…giving to someone else really does make you feel good.  So how about I give somebody this Bo-Bo Bear wearing a U sweater…how about I give some lucky human this U tee that SHE brought home. Hey, that looks like a U tee for this little guy!  Who can I give that to so I’ll feel so much better?  BMTO

Now for the next chorus of The Fourteen Days of Dante’s Christmas:

On the third day of Dante’s Christmas his human gave to him                              a rolly, polly, smiling Snowman Bo-Bo



…a fancy-schmancy reindeer Bo-Bo…and a smiling Bo-Bo in a tuxedo shirt



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6 Responses to On the Third Day of Dante’s Christmas…

  1. bichonpawz says:

    Very nice new Bo-Bo’s Dante!! We can see you are enjoying your holiday season!

  2. Now, Danet, don’t get carried away giving everything away. Unless, of course, you find some needy pooches who don’t have any Bo-Bo’s and who need to feel the love, of course. Hey, we really like the Santa Paw high five at the bottom of your post!

  3. Ohhhhh. I get it now. Andrew moving out has seriously undermined my knowledge of baseball. Or is it basketball? BOL!

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