On the Ninth Day of Dante’s Christmas…

What a difference a good night sleep makes…for me and for HER…yesterday SHE felt good enough to take me on what SHE’S calling a “Mini-Strut”…I didn’t care what SHE called it…I had a blast!  It was so nice of our neighbors to decorate their yards with really cool Christmas stuff and let me do some Christmas-style posing.  Christmas posing requires that you look jolly when you pose…how’d I do? Ho, Ho, Ho…Santa Paws has some tough competition from this little guy…BMJTO (you have to look that one up now!).  SHE dressed me up as a four-legged Santa and my outfit made everyone smile and laugh…you humans are soooo easy!  SHE let me take my new Santa Bo-Bo with me and we did some posing together and then he climbed up in the tree…everybody laughed when I was barking at him to come down.  And now a new verse….

Fourteen Days of Dante’s Christmas


On the ninth day of Dante’s Christmas his human gave to him…

a baby Santa Bo-Bo with a loud squeaker…

a really, really big Hersey Kiss Bo-Bo…

a cute little bug-eyed Froggie Bo-Bo…                                                                               a big ol’ lump of coal ’cause he was naughty not nice


a big ol’ lump of coal ’cause he was naughty not nice…                                             a Christmas Bone wrapped in Santa’s Belt Bo-Bo


 a scarf wearing Froggie Bo-Bo……   a rolly, polly, smiling Snowman Bo-Bo

…a fancy-schmancy reindeer Bo-Bo…and a smiling Bo-Bo in a tuxedo shirt



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2 Responses to On the Ninth Day of Dante’s Christmas…

  1. Dante, why are the snowmen and Christmas trees all leaning? And why does Santa look like he is in the middle of a fire? And which one of your new Bo Bos is your favorite?

    • Good question my observant friend…maybe they are pretending to be in a snow storm (even though it’s 85 degrees outside!). Santa is hot hot hot…maybe it’s those red lights! And without a doubt, this time of year, my Santa Bo-Bo is my favorite…gotta score as many points with that Big Guy as possible! Have a great day my friend! bark bark bark!

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