On the Twelfth Day of Dante’s Christmas

Twelve days into this little guy’s Fourteen days of Christmas and I have to admit: I have made a haul!! Twelve new Bo-Bos so far…on top of all my Christmas Bo-Bos from last year!  What more could any four-legged ever ask for?  Well, I know one thing I could ask for sure: Take this Bad Boy Tee Shirt off me!  Please.  I get the picture, I was a Bad Boy yesterday when I tipped over that big, gigantic, huge, enormous bag of presents.  But let’s be honest…did SHE really expect me to be an angel with that thing sitting by the front door with all our luggage & stuff to go to Grandma’s?  It wasn’t my fault…now can SHE please take this shirt off me?

Fourteen Days of Dante’s Christmas


On the twelfth day of Dante’s Christmas his human gave to him…

a Gator Grab and Pull Bo-Bo…Go Gators!

his very own pet Snoopy…that’s right Snoopy Bo-Bo…                                             a really cute little Woodstock Bo-Bo…


a baby Santa Bo-Bo with a loud squeaker…                                                                    a really, really big Hersey Kiss Bo-Bo…


a cute little bug-eyed Froggie Bo-Bo…                                                                               a big ol’ lump of coal ’cause he was naughty not nice


            …a Christmas Bone wrapped in Santa’s Belt Bo-B  

 a scarf wearing Froggie Bo-Bo……   a rolly, polly, smiling Snowman Bo-Bo

…a fancy-schmancy reindeer Bo-Bo…and a smiling Bo-Bo in a tuxedo shirt



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4 Responses to On the Twelfth Day of Dante’s Christmas

  1. Piglove says:

    aaww poor little guy. Hopefully the big day is just in a couple of more sleeps. We can do this my friend! XOXO – Bacon

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