On the Thirteenth Day of Dante’s Christmas

What happens at Grandma's@TheDanteDiariesYou read right…What Happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s!  I  couldn’t wait to see my Grandma and jump up into the best lap in the whole wide world…but yesterday SHE sprang a BIG surprise…we traveled to Grandma’s a day early…not only did SHE surprise me….we surprised Grandma too!   Before we left SHE did all my packing…dog food, check…cookies & chews, check…cooler than cool leash, check…all my new Christmas Bo-Bos, check…all my presents, check…tons of super-cute Christmas tees and pajamas, check….whoa, hold on a minute there…what was that Bad Dog pajamas doing with my cute tees?


Oh no…I begged HER with my most pitiful Face…please don’t take those…I promised I would be such a good little Christmas four-legged.  SHE was just making sure I stay on the straight and narrow at Grandma’s.  In fact, SHE read me the Riot Act…AGAIN!  Grandma rules…she won’t make me wear Bad Dog jammies… BAYL…check out my latest verse of my song:

Fourteen Days of Dante’s Christmas


On the thirteenth day of Dante’s Christmas his human gave to him…wait!

…on the thirteenth Day of Dante’s Christmas, Dante gave to HER: his heart and melted HERS…He loves HER so much!

a Gator Grab and Pull Bo-Bo…Go Gators!

his very own pet Snoopy…that’s right Snoopy Bo-Bo…                                             a really cute little Woodstock Bo-Bo…


a baby Santa Bo-Bo with a loud squeaker…                                                                    a really, really big Hersey Kiss Bo-Bo…


a cute little bug-eyed Froggie Bo-Bo…                                                                               a big ol’ lump of coal ’cause he was naughty not nice


                                            a Christmas Bone wrapped in Santa’s Belt Bo-Bo


 a scarf wearing Froggie Bo-Bo……   a rolly, polly, smiling Snowman Bo-Bo

…a fancy-schmancy reindeer Bo-Bo…and a smiling Bo-Bo in a tuxedo shirt



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5 Responses to On the Thirteenth Day of Dante’s Christmas

  1. I sure hope you remember peace and love and don’t have to wear those bad boy jammies, Dante.

  2. Piglove says:

    Oh no – not the bad boy pajamas. I bet grandma makes them disappear my sweet little friend. She would *never* make you wear them. Nope – not at all. Cause grandma’s are like that – oinks! Have fun!! XOXO – Bacon

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