Traveling in style!

Every night before Christmas I would dream about what Santa Paws would bring me…MORE Bo-Bos, MORE Treats, MORE Time with HER but I didn’t even dream of a new banging cool carseat! Yep, this is my BIG SUV version of a carseat! Room for me, room for some of my fav Bo-Bos (especially Mini-Me) and lots of room to nap in. Santa Paws…you outdid yourself this year!

Banging Cool Carseat

(no comments about the jammies please!)

Banging Cool Carseat

SHE loves to photobomb me!

Banging Cool Carseat

Me and Mini-Me…plenty of room for a few more friends!

Banging Cool Carseat

and lots of snoozing room…who could ask for more?

Thank you Santa Paws…I will really be traveling in style now!

Valentines - paws

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5 Responses to Traveling in style!

  1. That is a luxury size car seat for sure Dante! Almost enough room for your kitty buddy!

  2. Piglove says:

    OMP! That is super cool my friend. Lots of room for snoozing and bo-bo’s. XOXO – Bacon

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