Question of the day…

I just spent a day at my Spa and got the full Super-Fluff Treatment…so here’s my question: Who’s cuter & fluffier…Me or Mini-Me? I’m looking at you…answer carefully…

 Me & Mini-Me

Same fluffy ears…same big black nose…think carefully…

Me & Mini-Me

take a good hard look…remember who gives the best wags & hugs…

Me & Mini-MeMe & Mini-Me

SHE says I am the clear winner…yee haa…the original Super Fluff wins!

Me & Mini-Me

Thank you for your unbiased votes…I’ll be sending you extra wags & woofs! Have a Funday Sunday my friends!


Valentines - paws

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6 Responses to Question of the day…

  1. Matey Veissi says:

    Dante, you could roll in the mud and you still would win…paws down

  2. Wel, Dante, after pic #2, I am afraid to say anything except, “You win! You win!”

  3. Dante there will never be anyone who can compare to you our fluffy friend!

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