that’s what I call love!

Going for a ride in HER car is one of my very favorite things to do in the whole wide world.  Sometimes SHE gets me in the car, gets me snapped into my carseat and SHE drives me around the block just so I can look out the window and watch the world go by…now that’s what I call love!

I guess I can kiss those short trips good-bye now that’s SHE’S into this “let’s go for a walk” thing…it’s o.k, I get out of the house…SHE gets out of the house….and now it’s all about HER.  Wait a minute…I gotta stop this “poor me” routine….I get to go around the block and raise my leg and mark my territory on hundreds, no, thousands….no, millions of blades of grass.  Now that is truly what I call love!  See, I knew it was really all about me!!   Later…

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4 Responses to that’s what I call love!

  1. Well…Dante…at least you get to spend some time together! That’s LOVE!!

  2. Riding, walking, it’s all the same. We get to move and we’re with our Moms!

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